Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In the Neighborhood

It probably appear in your local news or much in the national news....but the folks who actually run the White House (not the President or his chief of staff).....but the actual day-to-day workers....have now voted and demanded a union vote.  By law, there has to be a vote of all White House employees within a certain amount of time.

The key problem that they really hate?  They get calls to alter their schedule all the time.....to include working weekends when they were supposed to be off.  They want compensation.

So you can imagine this scenario....trouble starts to brew as some hostile President's wife makes a mess out of management....thus inviting a strike by the union in the White House.  The President then has to smooth over things by agreeing to hide out at Camp David for several weekends.  Then the union gets upset about other events and actually starts up a full-strike.

Some Republican President will eventually agree to contract out all White House staffing and really wretchet up the entire mess.

In some ways, you have to wonder how the employees got all these ideas about union-ship.....but if you consider the number of union bosses who have appeared at the White House over the past two years....I'm guessing one or two made a simple comment to some employee there, and just gave them this wishful idea.