Friday, 10 June 2011

Your Future

It's a curious thing.  The folks over at the Employee Benefit Research Institute did this study.  Basically, their end result is that most folks will have to work well into their 70' finally retire (to actually afford retirement).

I sat and read over this.  It's kind of dismal news for some folks.  If you were bare working class at age forty-five.....with no savings and just living out of an apartment, then you'd best start planning on still working at 75.  It's the only way you will survive.

I pondered this a while.  It's pretty hard news for some guys.  They've been thinking of retirement while driving the Pepsi-truck.  They've discussed retirement with Joe at work while they sold laptops at the electronics shop.  They've discussed retirement with their wife Wanda while they were counting up the quarters they needed to use the washer at the trailer court....because they can't afford their own washer.

It's a life that will be fairly miserable for most folks.  You start to hurt more with injuries as you get up around sixty.  You start to count every afternoon as you tire out by 2PM, and you aren't even near twenty years from retirement.

I'm guessing that this will start to wear enough guys out and the government starts talking about Social Security II....which would jump into effect around age 72 for guys who needed another $800 to appear monthly out of thin air.  Course, the problem gotta survive until age take advantage of that.'s not getting better, but the positive is that you don't have to sit around at home and watch Oprah in the afternoon.  We'll keep you busy.....and hopefully happy.....serving slushies and handing out carts at Piggly Wiggly.

Not That It Really Matters

Some folks finally sat down today and did an analysis of Representative Anthony Weiner....our troubled Facebook dude with the lusty photos.

Tony doesn't have a law degree. He doesn't have a medical degree. He doesn't have a MBA or anything in education related to business. He has a bachelor of arts degree....which in the real world....doesn't get you very much. No business dealings. No fancy pub or bar ownership. No used car sales. Nothing.

So folks got to talking a little....and basically...if he did quit....the only work would be some network that'd have to come up and hire him as an analyst. Would CNN or MSNBC do that? Would CBS be willing to take him on as a project?

I sat and pondered over this. my mind....he's limited to trailer home sales or some ministry work (preachers always can find a new church of operations). Or he'd have to find some foundation that does charity work and they need some guy to talk alot. There really isn't much left for him...if he were to quit.  So I'm resting with my original suggestion...he will not quit.  In November of 2012....I would imagine that he won't be re-elected, and by that point....some folks at CNN will be looking for a talking head to appear four times a week to chat about something.  Maybe it'll be a good chance of activities for him.  Plus he could keep the Facebook account.

The Whole Truth to the Matter

So they waited and waited and waited.  Today, they get their objective...twenty-four thousand pages of emails from Sarah Palin's brief two years as governor.  The newspapers are mostly falling over themselves at this point....thinking of a vast treasure.

I sat and pondered about this.  The twenty-four thousand pages likely represent not just her emails going out....but the emails coming in.  In fact....if it's anything like what I get in a normal at the office (200 emails coming in)....then they'd find that I write forty responses.  That means twenty percent of the twenty-four thousand pages....will be mostly sports updates from her husband or staff, the planned office bar-b-q summary, weather emails over upcoming snowfall, happy birthday greetings, and requests for naming upcoming state buildings after possibly corrupt political figures.

As folks sit there for the next two weeks and cover the twenty-four thousand pages.....I'm thinking some will just quit after a hundred pages.  Some will start to ask why the governor has to be involved in a planned office bar-b-q.  Some will ask if this is typical email traffic for an individual in public office or working for the government.  The sad truth is....yes.

So don't expect much.  Heck, her husband might have even sent her an email or two....asking she pick up some baloney and wheat bread on the way home.

Dark Clouds Over Bama

You can generally tell when the Bama political folks reach a point where the excitement has dripped out and they started to pass laws off the top of their sexual toy laws, or declaring a state country-song, or declaring Bama as a God-fearing state.  Today, they went out and passed the toughtest illegal immigration laws in America....even tougher than what the federal government would pass.

First, it sets up this cop versus citizen situation where cops of any type in the the act of acting like a cop (lawful stop, detention or arrest)....can stop and start making a reasonable attempt to determine a person's citizenship and immigration status.  Course, you can imagine a 8PM roadblock in your local community....where you got Grandma, Uncle Lester, your cousin Wanda (the trailer-trash gal), and your other cousin, Rufus, who has a funny accent after living in New Orleans for five years...all in your car.

The wannabe cop steps up to you, and starts everyone for an ID.  You are the only one with some drivers license, naturally, because you are driving.  No one else is carrying.  Cop gets all disturbed when no one will comply and Rufus starts cussing in New Orleans slang about this whole dang thing messing up his wrestling TV schedule.  So except for yourself and the license you produced....everyone else gets toted off to jail because your Barney Fife-like wannabe cop felt they were all illegal immigrants.

Then we come to another interesting aspect....schools are supposed to decide if you, the newly arrived kid in the region....are legal or illegal.  Right away, you shout out your social security number, 123-45-6789.  The principal likely accepts that and you just start grinning because you made that one up.

The odds of Auburn or Bama State turning down a talented illegal Mexican quarterback or punter?  If it means a national's best you not bring up this topic or ask about who this Juan-kid is.

Then there's this part of the new law where you could be in serious state trouble if you rented illegal aliens property (like a trailer).  Some Bama cop will come out to make trouble for you.....and you might have to pay off the local political party that runs the county district attorney business.....just to clear a moment of stupidity.

Finally, there's funny part to the passed law where it states that if you stopped and picked up a fella in your truck.....and he turns out to be could be in serious trouble.

I sat and pondered over this.  You see....folks in Bama are awful nice folks.  If you see a hitchhiker....least as a guy are likely to pull over and pick the guy up.  To be kinda honest here....we have a list of twelve questions that we start rattling off as they climb in the truck (Been standing there long?  Where you headed?  Is this the best way to get to such-and-such?  You ever been to Grand Ole Opry?  Where'd you go to school? Your feeling on the NCAA bowl situation  You ever dug up a septic tank?  Where'd you go to school?).  The curious thing is that we don't typically ask folks about their citizenship.  This is one of those silly questions that most folks don't see any rational reason to ask.

I can see all kinds of problems with guys who pick up some hitchhiker with a accent, and them wanting to pass this info later onto some wannabe cop.  The cop is running around trying to find some Russian-speaking guy over near Red Bay who is dressed up in a funny suit and wearing a Yankees hat.  It'll take three hours for the idiot to realize it was all a hoax from the boys down at the gas station.

The problem in Bama....political folks start thinking and then passing some weird stuff.  They had a thing about sexual toys for women a number of years ago.  They felt they could control this stuff and ensure the purity of Bama women by banning such importation of sexual toys.  Then it got around that you could order via the internet, and get all the "Jimmy-Jong-Long toys" that you desired via Fedex delivery.

What I see is mostly a bunch of wannabe cops trying to push folks around....demanding an ID or triggering a fight where the mayor has to fire the chief of police because he's stupid enough to question locals about their nationality.

Once home state has stumbled along into some pit....waiting on some George Wallace-like character to explain things the right way to a bunch of news folks, and you just kinda stand there grinning at how stupid things have become.

Scheduled for 2012?  We are aiming to pass a state law that the NCAA grand national champion title game can only be decided between a match-up between Auburn and Bama state.  We think the state senate, the state legislature, and the governor will all be in agreement on that one....but it will upset the kind folks down in Florida a good bit.