Sunday, 12 June 2011

The NATO Question

There's been this comment on Thursday from outgoing Defense chief Gates.....that maybe all this money the US pours into European bases....might not continue.

He was careful about how he said this.  He suggested that they were stingy on their funding....and not always willing to put actual troops on the ground in dangerous situations.

The question is.....does he speak for the President, or is he hinting what he sees over the next five years?  My guess is that if this economic downfall goes another notch down.....we will see some bases close there and a leaning posture of more to close.

Should we stay in Europe?  Up until the was probably a necessity....because of the evil Soviets.  Today?  There's virtually zero chance of the Russians invading Europe.  The worst case scenario is that some Iranian guys would get the idea to fire off some missiles at Europe.

I'm guessing that Gates spoke mostly for himself....and hinting that there might not be deep financial pockets with the US in the months ahead.  Some senators will make a decision that one or two European countries will be on our favorite list.....and then start cutting the rest.  Who goes and who stays is yet to be seen.