Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Simply Observations

It had to be a shocker to most postal workers and retired postal guys the president of the mail union stood up and said that they should be increasing their fighting terrorism.  Fredic Rolando tossed up several of which was to put a sensor postal trucks to alert folks of biological attacks.  In essence, these mail carriers would be postal Marines in some fashion....protecting the national security.  I stopped at that point and pondered over this.  Postal services are going bankrupt and they are already having to consider dumping Saturday services and trimming off a quarter of all the post offices in America.  So this suggestion is a last-ditch effort to keep government money funneling into the system.  These sensors they talk about?  Thousands of dollars, and they'd require constant maintenance....then you toss in the fact that any alert, triggers some local fire department and a messy work stoppage where the threat might only be powered chili peppers.

Over fifty thousand morality police in Iran (these are regular guys, not real police) are being pre-briefed and prepared for this order to come down.  Basically....the mullah folks have determined that too many men have glamorous hairstyles and wear necklaces....which are officially banned by Iran's mullahs.  You can imagine these four guys coming down to some restaurant...picking on two guys sitting there with fancy haircuts, and pulling out something to whack them with.  A couple of other guys in the establishment would take offense for messing with their friends....and turn loose on the morality police.  I'm of the mind that these fifty thousand morality police will walk around for a couple of nights and just say they didn't see much of anything.  And for those who attempted discipline.....they are likely sitting in a hospital and talking about quitting the morality police.

Finally....some folks have figured up Weiner's retirement deal if he leaves Congress now....close to $37k....if he holds off to age 62.  It's a five-star deal if you ask me.  Course, in New York City....that's almost welfare I'm not sure if Weiner is happy with that much money.  In Bama, a guy could fish everyday, play poker on Friday nights, and drank as much beer as he wanted.

This, or That

I didn't watch the Republican debate from last night.  It's way too early to take anything serious.  Today, I took note of a fairly laughable debate....watching the clips of what took place and the questions.  John King of CNN ran this....and did a number of these "this, or that" questions.

It became this comical period.  Rick Santorum (former senator) was asked if he preferred Leno over O'Brien, but he admitted he really didn't watch either.  Bachmann was asked if she preferred Johnny Cash over Elvis....and then hinted that she did have "Christmas with Elvis" on her iPod.  Newt?  He got the American Idol or Dancing with the Stars choice....picking American Idol as his choice.  Ron Paul?  When asked Blackberry or iPhone.....he responded with Blackberry.

I could carry on, but it became this comical moment really not worth watching.

So I'm waiting for next September.....when Rick Perry is likely sitting there against President Obama....and CNN's John King does the "this or that" routine again.

To Governor Perry: Trout or Catfish?

To President Obama: peanut butter or jelly?

To Governor Perry: Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds?

To President Obama: Pabst Blue-Ribbon or Coors?

To Governor Perry: Jean Luc Parcard or Captain Kirk?

To President Obama: trailer-trash gals or Nancy Pelosi?

At some point, you'd just hit mute and take the whole debate as a comical affair.  If you need this kind of questioning to decide upon a Presidential candidate....then we've probably gotten to the point where it's all a joke.  Imagine asking Ronald Reagan.....boxers or briefs.....and there'd likely be this real long pause, and Reagan would have keenly answered....neither....responding in typical Reagan-speak: "You know, back in 1944, the nation was short on cotton for the war, and I just gave up wearing underwear, and have been so....ever since".  Then he'd grin, the house would erupt in laughter, and the debate question guy would look like a fool.

Yeah, Ronald Reagan would never have played the "this or that" game.