Monday, 11 July 2011

Sign of Our Times

My associate at work told me this story.  His daughter got into some legal trouble and ended up with a court-appointed lawyer.  "Dad" met the lawyer somewhere in the process and her business card led back to a Facebook page.

I questioned this....a Facebook page?

Yep, she was newly graduated and working for the county office to defend folks.  So my associate went to the Facebook page, where there were all these personal things, and pictures of this gal (in short shorts).

You would think (for $10 these days), that a newly graduated dimwit with a law degree....would have their own web page and act professional.  That wasn't the case.

I asked my associate how the legal episode turned out....probation for the daughter and some mandated anger-management class.  So he considered it a "win" in some fashion.  I asked if the anger-management business work, and he just grinned.  As in most cases that I've just can't teach anger-management.

So it's just another sign of our times....a kid messes around for five or six years, and gets their law degree....and they really don't know that much about their "business".

Across the River

With all the difficulty that Bama folks face in bringing bingo to the state....I wanted to share a local Washington episode involving gambling and the efforts to push the situation even further.  As most of you know, we do allow lottery sales in the region with no issue at all within the DC/Virginia/Maryland.  You tend to have two types of lotto choices.....the lucky draws via two lotto systems, or the scratch-type (usually maxing out at $100k).

Some local on this business of getting to the customer have finally figured out that a mobile service might even pick up more cash for the lottery system.  So they are introducing the "Lucky Lottery Mobile" over across the river near Farragut Square in DC (near the White House, in fact).  I'm guessing they are aiming a bit at tourists who get dehydrated and weak over near that point....and to a lesser the degree, the locals.

So you can imagine this "book-mobile" type operation.  You walk up to Joe in the truck and tell you want three of "number seven" and one of "number four".  You scratch your sheets and suddenly you've got $50, or maybe nothing.

A true Bama guy would go into a fit and declare it sinful, but would then feel better because most of the profits were going to state colleges or such.

Me?  I just laugh over the extent that folks take this commercial effort to the public.  It's already in almost every grocery store in Maryland and Virginia.  We have at least three locations within the Pentagon where you can play the lottery.  We've almost developed an attitude that while we buy a Coke.....we spend $5 on some scratch card.  Now?  We are going after tourists.  We might even see this mobile station over near the Washington Monument or the capital maybe senators could rush out at lunchtime and buy a scratch card.