Sunday, 11 September 2011

Comment on "Years of Shame"

There are a dozen journalists (wannabe journalists is the better term to use) that I have little if any respect for. One of them is Paul Krugman, who regularly appears on national talky-talk shows.  For 9-11, Paul decided he'd puff out a short piece of opinion on heroes, 9-11, Bush and former NY-City mayor Rudy Giuliani.  The blunt short words on this piece is that Bush and Giuliani rushed up to portray themselves as "heroes" for the day.

The curious thing about this short-sighted comment on the New York Times.....Paul refused to allow any commentary on his fifteen lines of opinion.  That was probably his right....but after you read the short kinda get this feeling that Paul is some loser journalist who can't stand anyone saying much against his thinking.  In the end....he wanted everyone reading his short think of 9-11 as a period of shame.

As the years pass, it gets more difficult to pay any serious attention to half the think-tank folks or any of the journalists who appear on the national news.  They end up pumping out commentary that you mostly want to laugh at or just shake your head on.  People sit around at NBC, CBS, and ABC....wondering why their numbers have decreased....then they invite the wannabe journalists back for another show.

As for Bush and the former mayor?  Neither asked for the situation.  In the days that passed after 9-11....Rudy had to console and attend dozens of funerals.  He had to stand by a police department and fire department that suffered major causalities.  If you go to any New Yorker today....they will generally have positive words over Rudy and what he did for the weeks that passed after 9-11.  As for Bush.....he ended doing the best he could under the circumstances.  Had I put Paul Krugman under either position.....I don't want to imagine how he would have delivered under the circumstances.

Another day in America.

Ten Years Have Come and Gone

It's hard to imagine that 9-11 has been a decade as of Sunday.  It was the late afternoon for me on Ramstein, when I had the Air Force captain that I worked for as a contractor....come through the vault and give out two sentences of what was going on in New York.  I thought it was simply one plane and just an accident.  An hour later I left for home.  Via the AM radio....I learned more was going on.  I ended spending the next three hours at home....watching CNN live....and mostly shocked at the extent of the situation.  Then I turned the TV off.  I was over-dosed on news, but there wasn't much more than eight lines of text to the story at that point.

The thing that got to me....was that twelve to twenty-odd guys....were convinced to be suicidal and had been able to pull this off.

The next morning, as I tried to drive onto base.....the line started about two miles outside the base.  It took around two hours for me to get to the gate where only one car at a time was being allowed through the gate and six guys were standing there with rifles as they went through the engine compartment and checked your trunk.

Then I found out five minutes late at the front of my building that only essential folks were supposed to show up and I wasn't on that list.  I went home.  The next day was essentials only.  And even the 3rd day was essentials only.  The fourth day was finally approved for us.  And I repeated the two hour entry game.

At the building....suddenly there was increased security and we had to have a entry check guy at the front door.  From the four organizations in the one wanted to do that.  So I asked why I couldn't put a phone at the front door and folks could call to whoever needed to enter.....and I'd make up a key for each true occupant of the building.  I probably would have won a Nobel Prize for that simple suggestion.  Within a couple of days....keys were given out and I had a phone at the front door.

In the months and years after this....came the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I tend to go back and think about the twenty-odd hijackers, and the hundreds of other wannabe hijackers or terrorists since then.  They all have one theme.....losers.  They were convinced by a religious fraud of a Mullah somewhere, that their method of obtaining entry to heaven.....was to kill a bunch of innocent people.  The Mullah?  He probably hasn't done an honest day's work in his entire life, or changed the oil in his car, or supported some friend.  His chief focus in life is to find losers, convince them to die for him, and then brag back to the other Mullahs of his accomplishments.

So in ten years....a bunch of losers have been put six feet under and don't walk the surface of the Earth anymore.  Most Muslim families easily spot the dim-witted Mullahs now, and intimidate their young guys to just avoid the Mullah entirely.  It's getting harder for the Mullahs to accomplish their dream.  The curious thing is that we simply work hard to aim at the wannabe terrorists and the planners.  We aren't making that much effort to target the Mullahs.

I suspect in another ten years....we will still be in this focus of life.  We will remember 9-11 for an entire generation.  The sad thing is that it really didn't accomplish much of anything for the Muslim religion....except send hundreds, if not thousands, of their young men off to a wasted life and a grave.

Just my two cents on this significant day.