Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Just Observations

In Saudi Arabia....they caught another woman they've prescribed ten lashes.  When you read stories like tend to shake your head.  No one from her family will stand up and whoop up on the judge involved in this.  Most of the guys just stand around and grin when the topic of this lash business gets brought up.  Their belief....which goes back two thousand that after the lashes, she'll straighten out and do right from this point on.  The proven fact, from most of British history when this technique was that someone becomes fairly vindictive and revengeful.  You'd be just asking for trouble.  But since this is Saudi Arabia....maybe they deserve the anger of some women.

The Greek government stood up and passed a new property tax episode.  The way this one come down and pay the increased taxes on the property.....or you have your electricity turned off.  That got folks all peppy.  Then the union for the electrical department said they would not cooperate.  So I'm thinking this nifty idea....which just barely passed anyway, will never be put into operation.  Here, the country is in terrible financial woes, and even a ten-percent increase on property taxes would get folks all riled up.  If you had to pick a place where it's bound to be a total mess for the next decade, Greece is it.  They will likely destroy their entire tourist empire as this all comes together.

Up in Peekskill, New York.....folks at the local city council meetings have been a bit excited about things.  So the mayor jumped up and instituted a new clapping of hands.  Apparently, there have been several sessions of the city council where folks were pretty vocal about expectations.  Tea Party activity?  Maybe.  But if you notice....folks around the US have started to attend various civic function meetings and won't hesitate to say something.  A bold new world.....which clapping can be a problem.  I pondered upon this.  The Brits have a rule in clapping.  They think it's very undignified anyway.  So what you do....when you think someone made a say "here, here".   Don't ask me where the phrase came from, although it was supposed to originally mean "hear him, hear him".  I'm guessing the mayor might be shocked when forty of the folks sitting in the audience shout "here, here", and start to go nuts.  They'd probably have to ban folks from attending, and all you could do is watch this stuff via some local TV cable channel.

Andy Rooney retires this next Sunday from Sixty Minutes.  It'll be the final two minute commentary.  To be honest, I'd prefer that they just cut the whole show and let Andy talk for sixty minutes straight.  He might actually dump forty things that folks ought to think about in life, and change the dynamics of America for the next decade.  But Sixty Minutes might be fearful over what Andy might say.  The thing is, when you have a guy who arrived on the beaches of Normandy, hours after the initial wave.  Andy was one of those guys, and remembers an awful lot.  The thing I admired about the guy....was that he gave commentary which was always two minutes of saying something important.  Today, folks run an entire newscast....acting like it's news, but it's really commentary.  They stretch two minutes into thirty, or even sixty.  You reach a point where you realize there was only one or two significant things said for thirty minutes, and then you start shaking your head.  They could have done an "Andy" and laid out this simple commentary in two minutes, but they just wouldn't dare do it.  So we are losing something on Sunday, and it's kinda sad in a way.