Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Hitler You Say

"It'd be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu."

-- Hank Williams, the country singer, responding to a Fox News Interview on the President playing golf with House Speaker John Boehner

This statement about Hitler apparently got the ESPN folks all upset, and they decided to dump the Hank Williams tune used for Monday Night NFL Football.

Naturally, this is going to upset a number of folks....who might just turn Monday night's game off and watch some reality show on the History Channel instead....like Pawn Stars.

It's comical how this plays out whenever you bring up Adolph Hitler in an analogy.  Things typically go wrong.  It's OK to compare with Jesus, Barry Bonds, Charles Manson, and even Cartman from Southpark....but Hitler is the 40-ton boat anchor on analogies.     The curious thing is that Hitler has actually been dead for over sixty years.

Analogies with Hitler?  From 1945 to around the early 1980s....you just never heard any analogy ever used with him.  At some point in the 1980s....as talk-radio and commentary TV news arrived....some dimwits got around using a Hitler comparison about five or six times a year.  My guess is that they got hooked onto Hitler in some fashion.....and it slipped into their chatty-chat vocabulary.  If you stand around and watch MSNBC for a month......it always slips in at least once.  The comical side of this episode here is that you ended up with a country-and-western singer making the Hitler analogy, which is kinda shocking.

My guess is that we eventually start to notice our barber making Hitler analogies......"....that's the kind of haircut that Hitler would give".   Then one day....while at the mechanic's shop....you'll hear him comment on "....that's a brake job that Hitler would do".  And finally, as you sit at the local bar and talk over your woes and sorrows.....the bartender will eventually say something like ".....you know Hitler would never stand for a wife like this."  At that point, you'll throw up your arms....and say something like "damn that Hitler dude".

I think I'm all Hitlered out.

Oh, and if you didn't know this.....Hitler never....ever.....played a round of golf.   If you were curious.  Only in America.

Simply Observations

There's a hospital in Louisiana (Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital) which has taken up this aggressive stand against smoking over the past year.  Now, they are prepared push to prohibit the use of tobacco items by their folks while working or on breaks....mostly because their clothing ends up having a smokey smell.  Folks have roughly ten months to clean, or leave.  So you can't smoke on the way to work....unless you are wearing "other" clothing....you can't smoke on break.....at lunch....or anytime.  I sat and pondered over this.  I worked for three decades around smokers in the Air Force.  The fact is....you end up with a smoke smell on your clothing, period.  A guy who smokes a pack a day.....has the smell.  So I thought about these poor folks in Louisiana.  My suggestion?  Open up a shed-like operation for men (separate one for women)....where you go out on your break....remove your clothing and smoke in the nude.  Then put your fresh clothing back on and walk back into the office.  I kinda admit.....it will take a bit of getting used to....smoking around your office buddy while nude.  But it's the only way to make this system work.

Amanda Knox.  I've sat and watched this Italian court case for a year.  Today, the Italian judges decided that things had gotten pretty screwed up....the DNA evidence was not reliable....so they tossed the charges and finally freed her.  The murder episode?  Well....when you stand back and read over how this British gal was killed, you reach a point where know some folks were on some fairly heavy drugs (not marijuana, not crack, not pain killers).  Somebody did some heavy-duty killing here and were not in any frame of mind to face reality.  The thing which ought to bother Ms Knox more than anything else....if she believes that she's totally innocent....is that some killer is out there, and could return to kill her.  But I'm taking a good guess that she's not worried.  We probably will never know the story or the actual killer at this point.

Finally, from my local neighborhood....the METRO board....the dozen folks who have the job of running the subway and bus system in DC....have been having a fancy meal deal via METRO.  Based on today's news....they typically get a $18 plate and drink when they have an all-day meeting (not a weekly thing, thank God).  METRO funds get paid down for the steak meal.  The METRO guys tried to explain....it was all done via a cheap catering service....so it wasn't really a nice meal and they certainly didn't enjoy it as much since it was cheap.  I sat there reading over this....it's kinda like a guy from Bama getting invited by Uncle Gus for a meal, and they end up at Wal-Mart....eating a half-cooked XXL hot-dog and drinking a Coke for $2.99.  It was a free meal, but just not enjoyable.  So as I paid my $1.50 on the bus this morning.....rest assured....2 cents of that probably went for a steak dinner for some dude who works for METRO.