Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Just Observations

There are three curious stories from the news today.  First, there's this Iranian deal where they were going to kill the Saudi ambassador in DC.  It's a fascinating TV script.  Here's this Iranian guy who'd lived in Corpus Christi, Texas for two decades...."Joe" was his name....and he sold used cars.  He wasn't wealthy, but he did ok.  At some point in the last year....he finally returned to Iran....which is kinda odd.  The Revolutionary Guards of Iran approached "Joe", which leads one to speculate if he was a internal spy for the whole two decades.  They wanted a hit on the Saudi ambassador in DC.  They had this name of a drug cartel guy in Mexico City, and they gave it to "Joe"....with a sum of money.  "Joe" was supposed to offer around $1.2 million (more or less) my guess is that "Joe" kept around $800k for himself (my humble guess).  The comical part about this that the drug cartel guy in Mexico.....was a US agent.  So he figures out the whole deal, and "Joe gets pushed out of Mexico City in a hurry....and flies up to NY City, where he gets arrested.  They ask "Joe" to tell his whole story, which he does.  So the Iranian bigwigs are standing there, and you get the impression that they know next to nothing about this.  The Revolutionary Guards are keeping their mouth shut.  The Saudis are extremely upset about this.  And Corpus Christi is sadden over the loss of a pretty damn good used car dealer.

I surveyed this and pondered....who would play who in the movie?  I'm thinking Johnny Depp as the secret intelligence drug cartel bogus guy.  I'm thinking Will Smith as the Saudi ambassador.  Toss in some love interest for "Joe", and some whacked out Hollywood guy to play the Revolutionary Guards folks....and you've got a five-star movie.

Second story.....from the kind WikiLeaks folks....we learn that the President really wanted to show up in Japan and apologize for nuking them at the end of WWII.  Around November of 2009.....the President sent word to the Japanese that he was all prepared and would really make a five-star moment.  The Japanese stood there in absolute horror.  They don't want any idiot....especially an American idiot to bring this up.  Because then the anti-nuke folks will take the bait and then demand the US take all the nukes and just go home.  This comment in the news probably doesn't help the President much....offering an apology but never delivering one because the other guy just doesn't want it.

Finally, some folks were planning a Kiwanis meeting in a Olive Garden restaurant.  Everything was all fixed up, until the lady doing the arrangements showed up with her US flag which was to be part of the display for their meeting.  The Olive Garden folks freaked out....and said no US flag allowed.  This was done down at Oxford....where they just don't have private seating.  So the lady involved continued on....but as they started up the Kiwanis meeting....she had to ask folks to imagine a flag flying, while they recited their pledge to the flag.

Naturally, this upset some folks....accusing Olive Garden of being anti-American.  My guess is that a number of international folks frequent the restaurant......from various countries.....and they just plain hate the flag, period.  At any moment, at Olive Gardens throughout America....there might 300k anti-Americans sitting there and eating away at the $7.99 special of the day.  So as you go over and order tomorrow....and wink at folks around at your local Olive Garden......just remember, they might be Chinese, French, or Russians....and they'd shoot your dog if they had a chance.