Thursday, 20 October 2011

Where to Pray

From the Occupy Wall Street crowd, there came this report from yesterday over the arrest of one protester.....Michael Donte Booth. The police report reads fairly simple. The New York cops came along and here was this guy...he was blocking traffic while he was praying. Typically, in Bama....folks would have driven around him while he was in a state of praying. I'm guessing New Yorkers aren't that friendly on guys praying in the middle of the street.

So they checked out the guy's priors while he was at the station, and there lies a bit of a story. He was wanted in Indiana for missing a court appearance for a prior arrest. The episode at that time? Well....Mike apparently was at some city park....where cops described the situation with him laying kinda nude on a blanket, with a bottle of virgin olive oil, two Miller beers, and a pack of Marboros.  I should also mention that he was reading a book...."Gay Power".  The Indiana cops would have let him go except for that nude part.....they just don't accept stuff like that in public.

His court appearance for the New York arrest for praying in the street?'s six months down the road.  I'm guessing Mike will have moved on, and never appear.  So it'll be another line or two in a database that just keeps building.  This guy is 27, and I'm guessing that he'll have eight arrests by the time he turns forty.  Eventually, some cops will find sufficient charges to hold him.

The morale of this story?  Well.....if you mix Miller beer and just might end at the wrong place at the wrong time.  And it's best to avoid any praying in the streets of New York City....if you suddenly get the urge, just step over to the sidewalk and say some prayers for Delta Airlines, the Dallas Cowboys, the NBA season, Wal-Mart's numbers for this Christmas, Hulk Hogan to stay healthy while wrestling at age sixty, VP Biden while he pretends he will still be the VP for 2012, the Today Show while it recovers from dismal numbers, and the Wall Street crowd....the suited guys, not the protest crowd.

Just another week in America.