Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Over the past two months.....I've noticed this one odd thing with the media and with the Occupy Wall Street crowd (Occupy Washington fits just as well).  Almost every time they get drawn into a long-winded discussion....they want to talk about "entitlements".  It's a weepy moment....over folks being entitled to education, college, free loans, free pensions, free healthcare, and a dozen other odd things which they feel are simply an entitled thing because they are Americans.

There's this odd group of Americans who never uttered "entitlement" or "entitled" over their entire life. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Meriweather Lewis, William Clark, Robert E Lee, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Buffalo Bill, Andrew Jackson, Eisenhower, Kit Carson, Chief Joseph, and Ben Franklin.

Somewhere out in the heartland.....people are gazing over the Occupy folks and wondering if they missed a history lesson or two....or perhaps a vast history lesson....where people didn't stand around and wait for their entitlement.  If they had.....it probably was already too late to find your place in life.

This invention of entitlements...was a pretty nifty idea.  The problem is that you can't explain it.  Should toilet paper be an entitlement?  Should zero percent car loans be an entitlement?  Should fresh orange juice be an entitlement?  Should foreign language be offered in your school.....as an entitlement?   Is fresh air an entitlement?  After a while....it'd be best to go off and think over just how this whole conversation comes up....and maybe you might want to pause and ponder a bit.

A Netflex Stumble

The postal folks came out today and said that they've started making plans to turn next-day delivery....into 3-to-4 day delivery.  You can imagine the millions who locked themselves into the Netflex experience....thinking over how this will work to their advantage in the future.

The odd thing to this postal announcement is that we are actually going back to standards that we had in the 1970s.

Postal changes in the year 2030?  I'm thinking we will retreat even further and that 12-day delivery service will be the norm by 2030.  You mail a letter to someone on the 5th from Bama, and it arrives in Texas on the 16th.  You will ask how and why it takes so long.....and some postal guy named Gus responds that it takes that long to go all the way from Bama to some sorting complex in Chicago, and then get trucked all the way to some small town in Texas (call it Star-Route-XXL).

I'm guessing the Netflex guys will sort through this deal, and finally come to admit that mailing is going to fall apart sooner, rather than later.

Twenty Years Too Late?

I noted over the weekend....that the NFL Super Bowl folks have signed up Madonna for their half-time show.  For me personally....I don't care.  I haven't watched a half-time show since the early 1980s.  The odd thing for this selection?  You've got a singer who is twenty years past her prime and this was the best that the Bowl guys could come up with.

You won't find any teenager who listens to Madonna's songs today.  It's mostly folks over forty who can name five top Madonna songs.

I'm guessing she bent over backwards to get this gig, and the NFL got all excited over the possibility of signing her to the show.  You can imagine the meeting....five or six guys over fifty years old.....all former NFL guys in some capacity....and getting excited over meeting "the" Madonna.  They went home that night bragging over the meeting and deal worked out....while their 18-year old son kept wondering who this Madonna gal was or if she was some Latino singer from Brazil.

The problem with the NFL guys who run the business side....is that they've pretty much locked themselves into a time-machine and stayed 1980s.  They will talk for hours about Reagan, the Love Boat Show, and sports facts from that era.  So in the weeks to come....we will get a mega dose of Madonna one more time and try to relive some 1980s experience.