Monday, 23 January 2012


Once every year, I write up on the Davos meeting, which is annually held in Davos, Switzerland.  It's where close to 2k political figures, economic experts, wannabe journalists, and mega-billioniare folks meet.  For five days, they typically have meets to discuss various economic things going on and how they can change, reverse, or modify events.  They also huddle in small groups, sipping expensive wine, and chat on how they can make another billion or how to convince folks in global warming concepts.

The meeting is coming up this week at the resort town, high in the Swiss Alps.  This week's major topic?  Someone has decided that capitalism is obsolete ("outdated and crumbling"), so they need a way to replace capitalism.   Some folks are thinking capitalism can no longer exist.

So these 2k folks will be walking around this week and talking up their alternate plans to capitalism.  My humble guess is that an exceptionally large amount of booze will be sipped this week, to help create a mental state where they can imagine a world without capitalism....that works in a really great manner to create jobs, wealth for the working class, and allow for people to dream of a better life.  The more booze you consume.....the more ideas you likely come up with, but later forget when you wake up the next day.

I never take Davos serious.  Guys like Al Gore typically show up and chat up global warming.  Billionaires walk around and try to get tips on the next make another billion in profit.  French hookers show up to amuse the poor economic wizards that show up.  And everyone guzzles up lots of booze, which makes tons of money for the Swiss government because of their tax structure.

An alternate to capitalism?  Go for it.  The odds are that you can't find such a system unless you have some government tightly controlling the entire agenda, and then you have a bigger problem than economic woes.

The highlight of this game in Davos?  I usually sit around and watch CNN because they always put two or three journalists there, and they get to meet a bunch of guys who chat on fake topics and you get a laugh over how real journalists try to portray a fake subject.  Everyone dresses in black, and look like they stepped out of a Paris men's shop.  No one wears $49 shoes, or walks around in a $15 sweatshirt after the meetings.  All in's mostly all fake, with wannabe folks talking and journalists trying to report this as serious, when you want to laugh.

The Rights of the Dead

By late yesterday, some analysis had been done by the South Carolina's Attorney General over voting on Saturday.  The Attorney General....Alan Wilson....decided that he had to call up the US Justice Department, over possible voter fraud.  The issue?  Well.....953 dead folks voted in the Saturday Republican primary.

I know it's a bit shocking.  Typically, dead folks vote Democrat (what we've been told over the past decade since folks started noticing the dead voter trend).

We could analyze this and come to several conclusions.  First, the dead folks were mostly independent voters and decided to dump Obama, and hang with Mitt or Newt or the Rick guy or that Ron Paul dude.  No one has ever interviewed dead voters to determine their affiliation, and one might suspect they were more Democrat than Republican, but maybe folks are wrong on that account.

Second, typically....dead folks only voted in major elections....and not primaries, so this creates a new window of opportunity.  If we can get more dead folks out in the election, it might mean more votes for Republicans during this primary season.

Third and final, some state investigators are going to show up at various homes and ask some stupid questions.  Some widows, and widowers are going to be asked how their dead husband or wife (for over a year), came to vote in the primary.  Some nephews are going to be bluntly asked if they used Uncle Karl's absentee ballot that came in the mail.  Some folks are going to look at the postal delivery guys and suspect that they intercepted the absentee ballot that came.  I'm guessing that a dozen folks are going to face state charges and have to find a lawyer.

So here we are....stuck with 953 dead folks voting in South Carolina's primary.  Yeah, they might have all voted for Ron Paul....that's my thinking on this.  I'd like to believe that anyway.