Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Neighborhood

Across the river, into DC....they came out yesterday and admitted that they'd paid out $800k in unemployment compensation to city worker folks.....who were already employed by the city.  Some owed a couple hundred.  Some owed over $20k.

Naturally, the legal system is involved in this now, and it will take months to clear this up.  Extra legal cost?  Well...yeah, they probably will waste well over $5 million in the investigation and the court episode to recover the money.

The mayor won't say much over this.  It's just another little problem that the city has to clean up.  This town almost needs a full-time staff of clean-up folks, who just handle issues like this as a real job.

My humble guess is that most folks who owe over $20k.....will claim they were confused over the matter, and have already spent the money.  So, a deal will be laid out....say ten cents on the dollar, where the guy pays $2k for the $20k he illegally took.  The city will eventually close the door on this episode....mostly smiling, and everyone will think they've recovered all the "loot".

Just another day in my neighborhood.