Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Two Cents on Nukes

The administration came out yesterday and hinted that there is a forthcoming cut on nuclear weapons within the US arsenal.  The deal would involve dumping eighty percent of the deployed weapons.  Beyond that....they really didn't say much else and the news folks barely covered the curious piece.

Frankly, if you examine the simply means that some nukes kept at overseas locations will be brought home and put out of commission.  The current arsenals in the states....appears to be staying at the present numbers.

If you drew up a list of 'bad-boys' who you might threaten with's a fairly short list.  I wouldn't even put Russia on the list anymore.  It'd be difficult to even put China on the list (they make most of our electronics, so it'd be stupid to nuke our TV manufacturing sites).  You probably wouldn't want to put North Korea on the list because all that potential fall-out would drift south into South Korea, and upset those folks a good bit.  So you end up with Iran as the only possible bad-boy.

Nuclear war was always this absolute final piece of American retribution.  If you were stupid enough to do some really bad stuff and make our lives miserable.....we'd return the favor within thirty minutes.  In the 1950s and made sense.  In the present environment, it'd be hard to find scenarios where any Presidential figure would opt for a nuke attack.  In'd take an invasion by space aliens to get most folks agreeable in a hurry to use nukes these days.

The curious thing though.....these dimwits who manage the two minutes-to-midnight doom and destruction clock?  They just won't dare push the clock to a sixty minutes-to-midnight situation....even if the US got rid of all it's nukes.  That might be the bigger story for a Sixty Minutes crew to check out.