Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Reality of South Carolina

This is what we know.  Up in South Carolina....folks conduct pigeon shoots.  It's kind of a state tradition...guys pull out their weapons, eat a hearty breakfast, and drive up to the shoot.  They exchange stories, swap rumors about Democrats, Republicans, Baptists, and NCAA football.  It's generally an accepted thing throughout the state.

Well....this group of animal rights got into this mess.  The group.....SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness)....don't ask how the name came about because it probably isn't worth thinking about.  The group decided that they would record this episode with the help of a remote-controlled aircraft (a fairly small operation).

So the two groups meet up near Ehrhardt, South Carolina.  The hunter folks were a bit disturbed by this "threat".  They didn't want anyone video-taping their activity.  They just wasn't right.  The cops eventually got help push the SHARK folks back, but they were within their rights to fly over the private property and capture video of the episode.  Eventually, the hunters all decided this just wasn't fair, and packed up to all leave.  The SHARK guys still figured it'd be a good video-taping activity, and flew their remote-controlled aircraft up anyway.  Video is video, in their minds.

At this point, there is only fact that anyone will agree the remoted-controlled aircraft hit the air and got some elevation.....shots rang out.  The little remote-controlled aircraft was pretty much shot to pieces and flew quickly to the ground (crashed might be a better term).

The SHARK folks were all kinda upset by this....uttering various comments.  No one knows much about the direction of the gunfire or the shooters.  It would appear, based on newspaper comments that these folks took off in ATV' into the woods, and will never be identified (my humble opinion).

The Sheriff's department took down the report, and this will turn into a malicious damage to property episode.  I'm guessing.....just to cover their public standing.....two or three deputies will hustle out and ask a dozen hunters what they might know.

You can imagine the scene.  Deputy Dan talking to Uncle Karl....and Uncle Karl trying to talk mostly about his dead coon-hunting dog, or his wife's transmission going out, or the ammo sale at the local BP gas station.  Deputy Dan wraps up this interview, and goes to visit "Sarge" (a retired Vietnam vet), who wants to talk conspiracy rumors with the Obama administration, the stability of the Thai currency, and some nifty web pages he designed for the local cheerleader squad.  Deputy Dan will wrap up his afternoon of interviews with Charley (the Yankee guy who moved down from Detroit in 2003).  Charley will just admit he heard gunfire and then saw this alien-like spacecraft fall to the ground.  He'll volunteer details about the direction of the gunfire, but then comment on this craft looking like something he saw on the History Channel....resembling a UFO.  Charley will then mention that he's been on special med's for two years and has trouble remembering things.  Deputy Dan will then wrap up the afternoon and just drive home.

For the SHARK guys....I'd offer up some advice.  Whatever you guys dream up on reality, in South Carolina....things kinda run in a different fashion.  These are guys who didn't attend any college, don't sit around much discussing animal rights, and have a pretty different view of life.  I'm guessing most of the SHARK guys aren't local guys, and they simply moved into the state.  I'm also guessing that half the membership of SHARK are ladies.....and they haven't associated themselves with any local guys.

Things will likely simmer down for a couple of months.  The SHARK guys will eventually procure another remote-controlled aircraft, and eventually get up the courage to tape another hunt.  I'm guessing the hunter folks kind of expect this, and the phrase....reload....will be on their mind.  If I were a remote-controlled aircraft sales guy.....I'd be enjoying brisk and continuing sales over the next year or two.