Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Simply Observations

Folks staying in the same floor of the same hotel as Wittney Houston.....have come out and requested a refund on their hotel costs.  They say the continued noise and limitations put upon them by the cops and rescue personnel....made the stay fairly miserable.  The hotel kinda hints that they just won't paid nothing or give out any discount.  Personally....if I had paid out $300 a night for a room.....I'd be having certain expectations.....and having cops around my door for twenty-four hours straight would be an issue with me.  The Beverly Hilton can say what they want....but it likely turned into a pretty miserable stay for some folks.

Gas has reached a point where most real journalists back six years ago continually asked Bush what he was going to do, and how he was going to fix the issue.  Strangely enough.....with the exception of the business channel folks and Fox aren't hearing much of anything from the media right now.  For about an entire month.....they pushed across hours and hours of anti-Bush chat on the gas price escalation.  And now?  Nothing.   The ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN news crews end up looking like fools (just a humble opinion).  The odds of oil prices changing?  That's a curious thing.  You'd almost get the impression that most of the Middle East folks would like to pump up the fuel cost and give President Obama one more challenge in an election year.  He'd have to really talk his way through a tough gas-price election year.

The Administration came out with this nifty deal....lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent (the highest in the world), to 25 percent.  The deal involves getting all of the companies to agree on cutting various loopholes that currently exist.....compliments of Senators and Congressmen.  Everyone has to be standing there and grinning over the episode.  Basically....the news media will spend an entire week talking up this issue.  The Republicans will pretend it's a gimmick....which it is.  The Democrats will whine how it's unfair that companies get off the hook. The President briefly looks pretty good.  But here's the curious thing.....six months after you lower this rate to 25 percent.....a dozen senators will write new and fresh tax code to give them their tax credits back.  So, nothing much happens....except a week of news media coverage...which you have to admit....we can always use new and fresh issues.

We had this unique accident about two nights ago.....some local gal here in Maryland....driving a BMW up near 100 mph.....hits a cub at the right angle, punctures the tire, and does a couple of flips over a parking lot and ends up resting just feet away from a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The gal apparently wore no safety tossed from car....dead.  Her passenger?  Alive, only because he was wearing a seat belt.  There is a way to go in life....but you really don't want a funeral home presentation episode with two hundred folks showing up.....all commenting how you died in a KFC parking lot.  It just ain't the way you'd like to be remembered.

My Neighborhood

Last week, there was this brief colorful exchange between two council folks in DC (it's best not to mention their names), where some brief but decent profanity was uttered in a public forum.

This brief uttered profanity greatly disturbed the city much so, that DC decided that it'd add an amendment to the city council's code of conduct. can't cuss or utter profanity at any city council function.

I was kind of amazed by the action.  They didn't run down the various phrases which would get you in trouble....which means dozens of phrases are probably acceptable because they don't fall in the f***, s***, or such listing.  I'm guessing that a dozen special phrases have been passed around the city council chambers.....which would allow them to vent anger, and make other parties aware of their hostile feelings.

The impact of this?  Well....the way that the rule works....someone will stand up and note that you cussed. They will ask you to stop.  If you continue your cussing tirade, then the city council will ask that you leave the room, and if you don't.....they probably will note your bad behavior and maybe just end the session, period.  This wasn't exactly clear on the end result.

So we can now bring our kids into city council meetings and be assured that no cussing will be uttered in front of them.  It's a pretty nifty feeling.  While profanity is uttered throughout the streets of DC.....we will be in a pure and clean environment.  I expect unicorns to be handed out in future city council meetings.  And eventually, some knight in shining armor will come to fix all the corruption in town.  Well.....maybe.