Friday, 24 February 2012

Simply Observations

First, I've sat over the past two days and noted about five different journalists/news dimwits....saying that rising gas prices aren't the problem of the President.  In essence, there's nothing he can do.  Sadly, none of the five ever came up during the Bush period of rising gas prices and uttered the same statement.  A number of people are beginning to notice this obvious news commentary being mostly a joke.

Second, the good Senator from Alabama....Jeff Sessions....who sits on the Senate Budget Committee....finally stood up and posted a chart yesterday.  Basically, the US ends up, after the bills are being a bigger problem on 'Per Capita Government' Debt....than Greece.  It's something that ought to scare you....but frankly, after you realize there's not much you can do about it but grin.....then the pain goes away.  As long as some idiot country like China....buys our bonds....things will just keep sliding.  Thank God for those Communist Chinese.

Third.  There's this odd job being offered by NASA.  They want some pretty smart guys and gals (with a degree in math or sciences), who happen not to smoke, speak English fairly well, and have four months to eat on their enjoy astronaut food.  It's a test of issues that might arise over diminished physical capabilities.....maybe even loss of muscle mass....which drives NASA to wonder about their food.  The big problem I see with this fresh food for four months.  You eat out of plastic pouch three times a day, and your snack variation is probably on the very limited side (I doubt you get a Snickers bar or Pop-Tarts).  Me?  You'd have to offer at least $1k a month on pay....maybe even promise up a whole month of catfish and steak at the end of this episode.

Fourth.  Over the past month or two in DC northwest, where the rich folks live in DC.....crime has escalated in a serious fashion.  The chief of police for DC has had to make various promises, and pump up the cop presence during early evening hours.  Course, no one asked where these extra magical cops came from, and if folks down in the southeast part of town knew they lost a third of their cops to this new presence....they probably wouldn't be happy.  In the last day or two....several forums have come up with the next new idea.....more guns in the hands of the local residents.  I'm guessing the political folks won't be happy with that idea, and the cops will be a bit disturbed with twice as many folks carrying pistols as before.  The truth is....after two or three of these punks are shot on the street.....these robberies will decrease in rapid fashion.

Fifth.  This Koran-burning episode in Afghanistan, that has upset a bunch of Muslim folks in the Middle East.  If you read the story.....some burnt Korans were found in trash burnings on the US military installation.  No one is sure about where these came from or how they got into the trash.  If I were to take a pretty good guess at this....some jihad joker came up with the idea of bringing the Korans onbase, dumping them into the trash, and making sure it got discovered.  Course, no one can prove any of this.

Sixth.  Yesterday, if you caught this Maryland story....they approved gay marriage in the state, as of 1 January, which the governor will sign today.  Course, there is these two curveballs on the deal.  You have to have fifty thousand signatures on a ballot initiative by the middle of the summer, and there is the November state vote.  Everyone is really excited over the results yesterday.....but if you examine the state's a pretty close split on state residents and their feelings for the gay marriage business.  If you toss in almost every black church in the state having a negative view of this.....and then the Catholic folks....I'm guessing that it just might not pass in November.  And the media will sit there on the day after the election....trying to explain how several thousand folks were visibly upset about the results....angry that their good feelings lasted through the summer, and are null and void now.  It's almost like a media circus....where you pay to feel good while sitting in the circus audience, then realize when you go home that it just didn't last.

Finally, as of yesterday states are preparing a legal case....likely destined for the Supreme Court.....where the free contraception deal ordered by the President will be challenged.  This mostly centers around the religious side of the mess.  But some folks are suggesting that the President doesn't have the authority to order anything free to be offered by any industry in America.  Congress can run and regulate commerce.....but there isn't any rules established to show that the President can order something free for citizens.  So we are back to this stupid 'nothing is free' discussion.  Frankly, I don't think this will ever end.

We Won't Have to See It

A legal call was directed yesterday....which we will all come to appreciate.  A judge sat down and said that now the lawsuit is settled.....the John Edwards sex tape that exists (with his hottie girlfriend, not his wife)....the tape will be destroyed.

The jest of the story is that John, while in campaign into a episode with his gal...Rielle Hunter....while she was pregnant.  No one ever said who did the tape itself....speculation circles around Miss Hunter being the one who made the tape.

Naturally, most of us folks in the world would prefer not to have the legendary stud, John Edwards, featured on some YouTube-like situation, and watching John in some 22-minute action tape.  You can imagine the commentary from this move or that move.  Toss in the various toys on the bed, the music in the air, and the fancy silky stuff....and you've got a 1-star sex video.

So we are all pretty thankful that the tape will be destroyed.