Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Simply Observations

The Army came out yesterday....discussing their new strategy of chow-halls.  Basically, anything that was bad to eat....gets a little sign above it....a warning label.  Yes, those bad deserts, the bad fried foods, the bad sodas, etc.  Using this logic, all issued rifles to Army personnel should have a label on the ammo clips that comment on the potential to cause harm.  Hand-grenades?  Well....yeah....they ought to have a warning label too.  Eventually, some Army guy would have a label facing each toilet-sitting soldier, to sit properly and avoid falling off the toilet seat.

Up in Detroit a few days ago....some older gentleman had finished up Bible study class one morning and stopped for gas in the city.  A guy comes up....tosses the older gentleman to the ground....breaking his leg, and then steals his car.  The old guy crawls around to the entrance of the gas station, but no one much offered any help.  It was the second car he'd had stolen in the past couple of years.  The end result from the city council?  Well....they are talking about forcing all gas stations within the city limits of Detroit to have private security on the grounds.  You can imagine this have to have five guards hired cover around-the-clock gas operations....twenty-four hours a days a week.  You can tag another 40 cents (my humble figure) onto each gallon of gas.....just to pay for the security involved.  Then you have to trust the Barney-wannabes in not shooting you the customer or firing rounds into the gas pump and creating a fire.  The sad thing is that you'd create this mentality of driving outside of the city limits....just to buy cheap gas, from a unprotected gas station.

The Ohio school shooting.  If you look across the various writings about this sad event.....this was a special school that you sent all the problem kids in the whole district.  Most folks with common sense would eventually ask a stupid question over this....if you weren't tossing fuel on a lighted fire.  If you took 500 kids from the district....with each displaying some aggressive or hostile attitudes....what exactly would you get positive out of this, except relieving the other schools of their issues?  Someone is going to ask stupid questions over this, and I suspect that the school will be shut down within two years.

The House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee had this witness come up yesterday from the Georgetown law school (from our local university).  Ms Sandra Fluke was both a student and “reproductive rights activist” (whatever that means).  What she eventually came to say was that young ladies at Georgetown struggled because student health insurance was not going to cover they needed the US government to pay for this (meaning a free deal).  The numbers?  She says around forty percent of the Georgetown University are in this situation.  These are young ladies....spending pleasure hours with various local gentleman while studying law. According to her numbers.....a gal would need $3k to cover the three years at the law school.  I paused over this commentary.  I went's $59k a year for tuition, room, board, and books.  Toss in pocket money, gas, and car can figure it's around $72k minimum a year involved in attending Georgetown.  And the best that Ms Fluke can worry about $1k a year in birth control?  Not a word about the $1,270 for books?  Not a word about the $13,543 for room and board?  If you worry about $1k a year at this expensive should have stayed in Tulsa and attended the University of Oklahoma.  The more folks talk about getting something for free....the more stupid they start to appear.

The Gitmo folks proudly opened up a $750k soccer field complex for the jihad guys.  It's all fenced in and arranged in a fashion so everyone feels secure.  I pondered over the deal.  Obviously, whatever was promised back three years ago with the President is pretty much forgotten, and the upset Europeans have forgotten as well.  As for Jihad Joe and his's probably the first real indication that you might want to read up on soccer rules and plan a long-term league.  You can imagine the schedule....the Mullahs versus the Afghanistan Real (pronounced re-al) on Friday afternoon, with the Asian Yellow squad fighting the Iraqi Jihad guys at 6PM.  A league commissioner will eventually be appointed.  Umpires will be selected and appointed.  Eventually, a trade policy will be started where a guy can move from league to league, team to team.  And sometime in the spring....a world series of sort, will occur.  Eventually, someone will sue to allow cameras and this will be beamed across the global....a bunch of 1-star level jihad guys.....playing soccer because there is nothing much else to do.

Finally, in New Orleans, during the Mardi Gras episode.....some local church got up the idea of buying water in bulk....labeling the bottle with info about their church.....and giving it away freely to folks who got dehydrated on the street.  There was a problem. The cops came, announcing a illegal activity.  You see....there is this law, which requires folks giving out out or selling goods....have to have a occupational license ($$$$).  And you have to register for a sales tax, even if you are doing this for free, so that was illegal too.  The church folks thought this was bogus, but they then came to realize the cops weren't joking.  No free water for the public.  So the church handed the water over to a rehab center....which was apparently legal.  The city council folks haven't said much since this episode, and if you ask's sort of embarrassing to admit that you have a stupid rule like this.  Makes you wonder how they ever allowed FEMA to help anyone in the city after the hurricane.   Course, maybe FEMA gave them a cut of the profits.