Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Money Flushed Away

A bunch of folks over the past couple of days have gotten upset about the President using the "done-killed-Ossama" campaign piece.  The response is usually that it's unfair or not right.  Would GW Bush have used the video in 2004 for his election, if he had accomplished the killing of Ossama?  Yes, without any doubt.  I don't see a big reason why the President couldn't have done that.

But here's this other issue here.  If you remove Republican voters from the mix, and all you have are independent or Democratic voters to show the "done-killed-Ossama" video....is it even worth it?  Most Democrats won't care about this, and some will even get sensitive that you bring up this subject (that anti-war rant, remember).

So you end up with this facing mostly independents.  Forty percent of independent voters are leaning toward Romney and this has no appeal, while another forty percent of independent voters are leaning toward Obama.  You are left with this really small twenty percent group, spread across fifty states....which might be affected by news of Ossama's death and the contribution that the President made (he uttered the phrase: "Go for it").

All of this effort....cash paid to some video production crowd....valuable campaign funding going toward some expert who dreamed this up....and finally TV stations making profit off the campaign for showing the video.....just to attract folks from that twenty percent independent group.

If you ask me....it's a huge waste of money.  Most independents are likely looking at the economy and jobs, with Ossama being somewhere around number fifty down on their importance list.  It might have been ok to mention this in speeches....but you tossed away a couple of million in what I'd consider a total waste.