Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Passing of Goober

Bama produces only a handful of actors...who ever make to Hollywood.  Don't ask why....we probably have ten thousand folks who could play George Contanaza, some Woody Allen-character, or our cowboy hero Shane.

Today, one of our humble few....George Lindsey....passed on (76 years old).  George came out out of Fairfield and Jasper, Bama.  Somehow, he fell into the right crowd, and eventually ended on on the Andy Griffith Show.  There are a dozen characters from the show, who survive in some Twilight Zone-like theater.....that we dream about each night and imagine them giving us advice on women, hair-cuts, bad mufflers, and handling dangerous situations.

I always felt Goober was underplayed.  There were dozens of possible things that they could have done with him....but instead, you got a pretty decent character that most everyone enjoyed.

Most folks from Bama would readily admit....they all know or knew someone like their local garage mechanic.  Goober never read the tech manuals or attended any certification type classes.  Half the time....Goober probably did more things wrong to your car than what you had to start with.

So a Bama legend passes.  We are all a bit less without him.

Half-Empty Stadium?

The President's planning staff had this idea for yesterday's speech in it over at the football stadium, which can hold around 47k folks.

The problem just didn't have 47k folks show up.  The best guess by the local press in Ohio (not the national guys)....was around 15-18k folks who did show up. Barely half full.

You can imagine the situation....empty seats really carve out a bad message.  News cameras are careful to focus on the President and the right seats.  But the actual pictures of the stadium really tell another story.

The better plan?  You should have found a basketball arena for around 4k folks, and been happy with just that number.  The cost of renting the football stadium? comes off campaign contributions.  So if the guys rent out a dozen football stadiums over the next month or two, and the attendance continues at this rate....folks are just burning through the money.  If I were the President....I'd start to count the bucks and figure a better way of campaigning.