Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Zombie Wave

Out in Miami, on Saturday afternoon....the cops came up on this weird scene. Here was one naked guy laying on the street, and a second naked guy on top of him....appearing to chew on his body parts. No, nothing about sex here....more like a zombie situation.

Naturally, the cops stop and want to get the zombie guy on top off the poor other guy. Well...the zombie guy gets up (naked of course) and begins to march or walk toward the cop....grunting. The cop made one of this life decisions...shooting the zombie guy dead. From the first guy on the street, he was missing most of his nose and his eyeballs apparently.

The cops spent most of the weekend trying to figure out this mess.  The zombie dead guy?  Well....he was doped up on bath salts.  The doctors say that a guy who gets really fixed up on the stuff.....mostly takes off his clothing, then goes into a whacked up state of mind....thinking he might be a zombie or Iron-man  or even VP Joe Biden.  On top of that, the guy or gal usually pumps up his physical strength by thirty to forty percent.  This means a guy who is 180 pounds....suddenly has the strength and power of a 240-lb guy.

The cop in this case....probably had about five seconds before the zombie dude was on him, and would have torn him into pieces....even if a taser had been used.

So I sat and pondered over this.  A guy from Bama typically doesn't mean characters like this....anywhere.  Now you kinda toss in this odd scenario.....you get hungry and stop off at some bar-b-q shack....and some bath-salts dude has arrived and launches into his zombie attack.  Last week, there was pretty much zero chance of this, and now?  Well....there's that one-percent chance of you running into a zombie dude.

If you ask, there's a ton of reasons now to carry something more than just a taser, or a small caliber pistol.  You really need a shotgun or a 44-caliber type weapon within reach of your front seat now.  The minute you observe some nutty woman or gal....nude....and walking in a manner that looks threatening....you can count off the seconds before you need to shoot them.

This is not the kind of thing that society is prepared to do.  And so, I'm wondering how exactly we will all motivate ourselves to change ourselves.

Those Americans Eternally Resting

This is a piece of history that most American historians really don't like to discuss, but is a strange curious piece of American history. In the early 1960s.....the US and France got into a disagreement. It was bad enough, that France would actually walk itself out of NATO. It was bad enough that any and all US military personnel on French soil, would have to leave (in a hurry, in fact). So in this delicate period, where talks were being held almost daily between the US and France....on how we would withdraw, and the timetable involved....President Johnson got involved in the mess. It's best to say that LBJ was a true Texan of sort, and never short on making comments to inflame a situation twice as much as it really was. The Secretary of State (Dean Rusk) got into a meeting with LBJ where the final details were to be put to paper, to work out with French President DeGaulle in attendance at the meeting. What LBJ demanded to be mentioned....was if ALL Americans had to actually be removed, including the ones buried in France. Dean Rusk absolutely didn't want to put this to paper, but LBJ demanded this. So there is this list of final details about the Americans leaving France, and President Charles DeGaulle is sitting there....as they come to this one final detail....which apparently was dropped to like the final item of discussion in these delicate talks. You can imagine the American at the table....having to ask this in a pleasant way....if DeGaulle wanted all sixty-thousand-plus American soldiers buried in France to be removed as well. It probably took around eight seconds for this entire statement to be translated into French. There probably was this utter moment of amazement that DeGaulle has....in some idiot American asking such a question. DeGaulle apparently got up and simply left the room, without answering the question. My humble guess is that he probably was a bit shocked that someone would ask such a question, and probably hopeful that this never got out into the French press. The graves? Well....they stayed and are attended to by US employees to even this day, and will be for eternity. Thousands of Americans make the trip over to France and will likely visit some of these graves...especially around the Normandy area. Others come over because one of their kin-folks were amongst those left in France. The truth is....we wouldn't dare disturb their resting place, and I don't think the French would want them removed either. They've earned their eternal resting place.