Friday, 8 June 2012

The Polygamy Moment

There was a great column by Gregory Kane yesterday..."Lets give polygamy a chance".

What he pointed out in the end....was that the efforts on making gay marriage have morphed around a good bit, and the real end to this....might be accepting a guy marrying two or more women.  Or a woman marrying two or more men. Or a guy marrying two guys.  Or a gal marrying six women.

Once you get into the accepting sort of mind, there's only another step to this, if you go with Mr Kane's logic.  In the legal sense, I believe he's right on this.  Eventually, there will be the right mix in the Supreme Court to agree that a national law can't stand, and gay marriage will likely move up as "accepted".  The immediate result will be some guy who realizes there is a opportunity to have four wives, and be legal.

I sat and pondered over this.  The same would be said of a guy who wanted to marry his cousin (male or female).  And the same would be said over a woman who was thirty-five years old and wanted to marry the 15-year old kid from down the street, without laws interfering with her wishes.  You might even go as far as seeing two thirteen year old kids wanting to get married.

I suspect if you led these possibilities around to most gays....they'd initially laugh, but later, they'd be shocked that they approved of this gay marriage thing without ever thinking it'd go a second or third step.

That's the problem just isn't as simple as you'd like to think.