Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Neighborhood

Saturday night turned out to be an interesting deal in DC.  Around 8:45 that evening...a METRO bus (the #64 route in DC) was going down the street, when some Cadillac appeared out of nowhere.  The Cadillac ...was apparently being chased by DC cops.  No one is saying why....but I'd assume the car was stolen or the driver was acting weird.

At some point, the Cadillac ends up hitting the rear end of the #64 METRO bus.  The impact was such.....that the Cadillac ends up doing some kind of twist and turn...into the other lane.  And at that exact time.....the other #64 METRO bus (number two on the scene)....going in the opposite direction....runs smack into the Cadillac.

Cop reports indicate the ambulance folks were fairly busy....toting off at least ten passengers from the two buses.  None of those folks are bad least the cops hint that.

The Cadillac driver?  Well...he's got a broke leg and I'm guessing a concussion.

The interesting thing is that a special unit of the DC cops come out, and spend a fair amount of time with the blade-unit to saw pieces of the Cadillac up so they can get to the interior.  I'd be guessing a search for drugs.  The Cadillac driver?  He's fairly doped up on pain-killers right now and just resting.

Statistically....the odds of hitting the eastbound #64 bus and the westbound #64 bus?  It's a one in a million deal.  But this is it's probably closer to one in a thousand.