Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just a Little Doctor Problem

Some smart folks over at the Robert Graham Center, which researches trends in health care....came up and wanted folks to know something pretty serious.

According to their numbers....America needs around 52k MORE doctors by keep up with the growing population in the US.

I sat and read over the little article.  It presents this case that only the US government can fix making sure more doctors exist.  I sat and would the US government accomplish this?

Well....they could pay for the education with federal funds.  That might entice a couple thousand kids to be doctors.  Course, we'd pay more on taxes....already on top of more for health care that we got ourselves into.

They could recruit a bunch of nurses to go the next step up....just by doing a recruitment campaign.

They could go and hire up a couple thousand foreign doctors.  Folks might be a bit upset over some French-speaking female nurse with fancy five-inch heels, or having some Russian doctor with a Colt-45 on his hip as he checks you out.

They could even entice a number of doctors to stand around after retirement offering up tax credits (the evil Republicans would think in that fashion).

Bottom line?  If you are still living around probably are lucky if you have a decent nurse who checks on your health occasionally, and if you get in real serious condition....maybe you get an appointment with a doctor.  You'd best not have big expectations about medical care by that point.

The Terrible Coulter Threat

At some point...a few weeks ago...the Republican Club up at Fordham University (a noted Jesuit university) this funny idea of inviting conservative talk-show journalist Ann Coulter to come and speak at their club....on campus.

For folks who aren't in the know of Fordham, it's a private university, up in New York state.  You pay a hefty bit of money to attend.  Tuition runs $41k a year.  On top of that....for room and board, you can figure around $15k.  So you need close to $56k before you even discuss various other fees, pizza, beer, and clothing.  Figure you need $65k a year to make it at Fordham.

It's been around since 1841.  Average number of students?  Near 15k students, and around 1k full-time and part-time academic folks.  It's not the kind of place that most kids aspire to go to.  In need real money to attend this college, or just be one of the few lucky ones that get a scholarship 

For those who kinda wondered about the thought-process with the Jesuits....they were the one typically challenging religion, leadership, and worldly direction for several hundred years.  They could be regarded as the 'enlightened' ones.  They had a strong desire for knowledge to be part of the thinking process.  If you had could make wise decisions. days passed after the invitation to Ms Coulter went out....the Chancellor of Fordham got fairly disturbed about allowing Ms Coulter to come and speak. He finally got around to commenting and spoke her words in this fashion: "Her rhetoric is often hateful and needlessly provocative, more heat than light, and her message is aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature."

There's only a small group of Republicans around Fordham.  I don't know the real numbers but I'd make a guess that only one student out of eighty might be classified as such.

So the Republican Club kindly asked Ms Coulter not to come.  They felt the pressure on them.

I sat and pondered over this.  Ann Coulter, feared by hundreds of thousands....just for what she might utter in a random moment of observations? I think Ben Franklin would be rolling around on the ground laughing so much that he might even wet his pants.

A mere blonde lass...threatening an entire university with her simple words....drawn only from the English language (not even to utter a word or two of French)?

The Fordham folks have much to fear, if they react in this manner...weak with conviction and courage...they lack what it takes to function in the real world. I would question what a degree means at Fordham or if it’s worth the paper it’s printed on.

My humble feeling is that upon graduation....they try hard to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.  They lack serious convictions, and they certainly would not listen to anyone of a different thought process.

What happened to the Jesuit religion and the will to acquire knowledge or understand the rest of the world?  Somewhere in the past hundred disappeared.  This isn't the Jesuit religion anymore.  It's something that counters a great history.  For the Chancellor, I'd say you are already venturing into the dark side....with no light, and you have no desire to throw light onto anything.

A Humble Opinion

Some products are often introduced in certain countries that have lax rules over their consumption.  The deal is that once you get it intrduced in one country....authorities in other countries start to feel some pressure.

Well....Pepsi went to Japan and introduced fat-blocking Pepsi.  The deal is pile up some food on your plate with lots of fat.  You drink fat-blocker Pepsi with the fatty foods.  Somehow, by the grace of God and science....the fat doesn't stay in your system.  It gets mixed Pepsi fat-blocker, and moves out.

Dextrin is the key element in this soda.  It basically causes the body to refuse accepting fat during this period of consumption.  That fat has to move on out.

So I sat and pondered over this.  You go out to some fast-food restaurant and consume a bit of food.....most of it....fatty.  You drink up two of these Pepsi fat-blocker sodas.  It would seem like the fat....since you consumed the sodas....has to move on out.  To me, that means you will be needing the bathroom sometime in the next eight hours, and there's a fair amount of fat that will get squeezed out of your liver area...quickly.

The liver is a device of fantastic nature.  It takes those terrible toxins in your body, and expels them.  The liver takes those great nutrients and pumps them out into the bloodstream.  The liver even takes on proteins and cholesterol (there's good and bad cholesterol).  Heck, the liver even converts glucose into glycogen.

For some reason, I'm looking at the liver and how it's going to react to Pepsi fat-blocker and a massive amount of Dextrin.  Maybe for a year or two.....things might work ok.  But I suspect the liver of some folks is going to eventually react in a negative way.  It's getting used to pumping that fat out quickly.  The liver is supposed to react to things in a sequence.  Pepsi fat-blocker could end up training the liver to react differently.  And that might not be a very good thing.  If you end up with a bad liver, you have a bad problem.

My humble guess is that Pepsi fat-blocker will be on the US market within three years.  Mothers will be giving their teens a six-pack of the soda each week with no issues.  Schools might even sell the stuff.  But I suspect a year or two after that....some folks are going to report liver issues.  If things sound too good to be true....they probably aren't true.