Monday, 26 November 2012

A Dog Story

There's a lesson in life within this story.

Over the weekend, near Eureka, California.....a family went out on the beach.  Father, mother, son, and daughter, along with a dog.

The son started with a stick and wanted the dog to play fetch.

At some point, the son threw the stick so far out, that a ten-foot swell of water came up and took ahold of the dog while in his mission to recover the stick.

The son.....feeling that the dog was being sucked out to sea....ran into the water to save the dog.

The waters began to carry the son out to sea, so the father and mother ran into the water and tried to save both the son and the dog.

Eventually, the son, father and mother were all swept away....drowning.

The witness to this?  The daughter.  She never entered the water.

The dog?  Well....he eventually returned to shore.....alive.

The authorities eventually did find the bodies of the father and mother, but so far....the son hasn't been found.

Somewhere in the great wisdom of have to believe in your gut....that no matter how bad a situation may have to trust in your dog.  He or she will eventually recover and find themselves within the graces of God Almighty.