Friday, 28 December 2012

Some Blunt Truth

I sat and looked at suggested legislation over guns that will be coming up in 2013.

This finger-print requirement to sell any weapon?  It's a curious thing.  I suspect if you laid out the last 200 mass-shootings.....there's not a single one that would have been stopped by a finger-print requirement at the gun shop.

The Senator from California pressing on this?  I'd suggest that you look at her investment strategy and how she might make millions off some California company getting the national contract on this finger-print business.

The idea of cutting off any technology development from 1917 on for guns?  It's another piece of interesting creativity.  You'd destroy all US gun manufacturers, and those who might remain....would pack up and move to Mexico or Brazil within months.

The concept of confiscation of weapons suggested?  Well....that's another interesting suggestion.  No local or state cops would dare touch any law or try to enforce it.  You'd have to add at least 40k more US Marshals to make daily searches of homes and farms across the nation.  Most would resign within two years because of continued threats made on them.  People would take measures such as hiding weapons in barns or under avoid confiscation.

More funding for ATF? can figure them doubling their budget in just two to three years. There's no suggestion that they'd be any more effective or prevent any more mass shootings.....but at least we'd find a new pit to dump tax revenue into.

A photo of you every time that you purchase or sell a gun?  You can imagine the various fake beards or weird disguises that guys would develop when they went over to conduct business at a gun shop.  Some older guys might put on a suit and a tie.....just to visit the gun shop and look proper.....maybe even put on fresh underwear.

Yes, if only you could legislate making drugs illegal or robbery illegal.....then we'd all be at peace....once and for all.