Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Simply Observations

There's a story out of the DC area over a low-flying helicopter that is continually seen in the District now.  The authorities have finally admitted that it's monitoring 'natural radiation', and there's nothing to worry about.  Most of the local news folks have bought off on the story and moved on.  Natural radiation?  It's one of those bogus stories that you'd listen to and just shake your head.  There's a bit more to it, but you will have to wait two years for someone to come out to admit a whole second part to the story.

The fight over between the Republicans and Democrats?  No....we simply move to the next 'war', which will involve the debt ceiling.  Sometime around the first two weeks of February ....this mess will crank up and has to be settled rather quickly.  The media getting back into another frenzy?  Yeah.  This will consume hours and hours of TV news.....over the national debt.

If you read the business news....the Disney folks are looking at potential layoffs in 2013.  They won't say where or how many.....but there's going to be a fair number of folks let go.  A trend for 2013?  Yeah, you might expect that to be the case. Unemployment across the nation will likely go up another percentage point by this fall.

Senator Harry Reid made a big fool out of himself over the comparison of the Katrina hurricane to the Sandy hurricane.  He felt New Jersey got hit a lot harder than New Orleans.....which pepped up those Louisiana folks a good bit.  It's best to never compare hurricanes or tornadoes or NCAA football teams or idiot Senators.

About two years ago in DC....we had this escalator episode occurred where it suddenly stopped rising to the top, and then reversed quickly to the bottom....injuring a few folks, and getting the media all excited over a catastrophic event like this.  Well....yesterday at a New Jersey train station....same thing happened.  An escalator stopped, reversed, and tossed five folks off at the bottom.  Million-dollar injuries if you ask me.  If you ever get into such an event....just act wounded, ride out to the hospital and fake some injuries.  The lawyers will take care of your mess for you.

If you've watched this newspaper episode up in New York state where a local paper got all the registered gun owner info and put them on a map.....there's been an odd twist to this 'database'.  Some folks have come to realize that the guy listed on the map.....has been dead for five years.  Apparently, and the state folks don't want to talk much on this....but their data is mostly corrupted.  You could registered yourself for a gun and a concealed weapons permit.....die....and for years and years....still be on their list at that address.  Heck, you could even move to Florida, and unless you went to deregister yourself.....you are still listed.  So how accurate is the database?  I'm betting seventy percent at best.  But this shows another problem with registration of people and weapons.  If you don't go and announce you moved, died, or such....then things just stay there....as is.

Finally, being from Bama, I can not avoid making a comment over the game from last night.  Frankly, Notre Dame shouldn't have been there, and they were not in the same league as Bama.  It would have been better to see Georgia Tech or LSU play Bama.