Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Simply Observations

Some folks are expecting executive orders to come quickly this week on the gun control business.  Some even talk of a dozen or more Presidential executive orders. The impact?  Most Sheriffs and State Police organizations will quickly admit that they are not sworn to carry out Presidential executive orders.....only the fed guys are sworn to such.  Then the court cases will come.  I'm guessing that the Supreme Court is very curious over what is written down as the order and how it relates to the Constitution.  Gun owners will mostly laugh as dragged into court over violations because the lawyer will ask what law was broken and the prosecutor has to avoid using the word law in his summary.

If you were playing with your calendar on important dates....while 27 March is the next sequestration day...there's also the debt limit day which is fast approaching.  The precise date is not known, but we will likely run out of money toward the end of February   If the President can't get his deal with the Republican House....then various parts of the US government will start to shut down.  I'm figuring I'll be on a furlough deal for at least five days, until some idiot in the White House starts to realize that public numbers are going more against the President than the House.  Something will happen with announced cuts, and then suddenly the debt issue is fixed, and we move onto sequestration.  I don't think the President is getting much of a positive out of this, and you can't blame Bush for your woes in this direction.

The Swiss have a little issue.  This Mubarak guy....former head guy of Egypt....now held on charges and may never be allowed to leave Egypt....has one-hundred and forty accounts in Switzerland.  The Swiss say it adds up to $700 million...more or less.  A number of Egyptian authorities (not just one like you'd think)...are trying to show legal status and demand the money.  Obviously, this is confusing the Swiss a good bit.  How long might this take?  Maybe a decade.  If anyone in Egypt was hoping for a quick return on their money....they are probably wrong.  The Swiss don't operate that way.  There's probably an office of three guys on each single account, and going through legal papers. Some of them will spend the remainder of their career...just figuring out who should get the money.

Somewhere about a hundred miles south of St Louis over the past week....some Air Force vet took his two sons hiking along the Missouri trail.  It was supposed to be day's walk, and the guy knew the trail fairly well.  Well....the weather changed.  I have doubts that he even checked the weather that morning before hiking.  The temp went from the 60's down into the 20s.  None of the three were dressed for that kind of environment.  With rain starting and then some snow....it became a problem.  All three were found dead by the authorities later.  Generally, if you want a decent hike, then you study the weather or you carry enough stuff with you for just about any problem.  In this case, it just didn't happen.

The Lance Armstrong episode?  I suspect Lance is about to name all of the top ten bikers remaining in US competition as cheaters.  If so....most of US serious competition for 2013 is finished.  In fact, he might even name all of the top twenty bikers.  An entire generation just might be gone.  The truth is....some lone kid from Bessemer, Alabama might accidentally move up and win the Tour de France bike race.  Then the French would accuse him of using Bama spring water to enhance his abilities, and he'd resign because it was absolutely true.

Finally, in Bama last week...there was a confrontation at a local abortion clinic.  Some older gal who was against the clinic....did a rather odd thing.  In the midst of confronting the clinic folks....she whisked out a container and squirted water on them.  This got the cops all involved.  Then they came to discover the water was.....holy water.  Naturally, in Bama....holy water stirs up a number of feelings.  Holy water can only come from Catholic folks and it's generally used on possessed folks.  I'm guessing that the prosecutor will have some worries about bringing this up in court, and will try to avoid saying 'holy water'.  The clinic folks? They will bear a fair amount of sarcastic commentary by their associates that they've been stung by Catholic holy water now, and might change their personality.  Course, this also will get a bunch of flea market guys curious on how to acquire holy water, and if you can market it in the local Bama flea markets.