Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Reform Stuff

To make some sense out of this week's amnesty business.....you need to stand back and sort through the facts.

First, we keep hearing about eleven million undocumented aliens residing and working in America (out of 300 million folks).  Are there eleven million?  Don't know.  It's not an absolute fact.  There might be eighteen million.  There might be six million.  This eleven million number is what is continually tossed around.

Some of the eleven million....apparently have been around since 1986, the year that President Reagan signed off on the reform package.  That's roughly twenty-five years....in illegal status.....since Reagan and the Congress fixed immigration problems.  Within an hour after Reagan signed the document....there probably were twenty-five fresh new illegals in America.

Who makes up the eleven million?  Don't know.  We have undocumented El Salvadorians, Mexicans, Hondurans, Thai, Chinese, Russians, Irish, and probably even Cubans here. Heck, we might discover twelve illegal Canadian folks working in Tulsa once this mess is on the table.

What would happen if you got rid of the eleven million illegals?  The US economy would take a huge hit and do a brief spiral.  Normally, you'd think that those eleven million jobs opening up would be a big deal and all of our unemployed folks would be happy.  Well...no....these are mostly low income jobs that no one desires.

Are the eleven million paying taxes currently?  The media tends to avoid answering this question.  Most of us would like to hear the answer.  It would appear that some of the eleven million folks have bosses who are stupid enough to hire an illegal, but then smart enough to force them into paying taxes along the way.

So once we pass this reform....it's over, right?  We will never have another problem with illegal aliens?  Well...no.  The way this works....Juan gets his citizenship and expects real pay now.  After a year or two....Juan realizes that his current boss just isn't going to raise his pay....so he goes out and finally finds a real job that pays twenty percent more.  The old boss?  He hunts down another illegal (fresh and new of course), and brings the guy in....to work real cheap.  We will replenish the eleven million in less than four years (my humble opinion).

The bottom line?  It's all great theater and acting by our Senators.  They deserve an Oscar or something.

Steve, the Professor, and the Wannabe

The world is a complicated and dangerous place......that was the key element that I gained from the 60 Minutes episode with Steve Kroft, pretending to interview President Obama and Ms Clinton (Secretary of State).

To be honest, I've probably watched fifteen minutes of video clips of the......well....interview, which really isn't an interview.  It's hard to make a person sit there and view a wannabe journalist, with a wannabe Secretary of State, and a college professor-turned-activist-turned-President.

At some point, I felt like Kroft was interviewing two people doped up on Vicodine.  It seemed like some meeting where you'd drift off and recount some imaginary world or things that you thought you'd done.

The status of the world?  Well....I came to realize that it's a big bad world....very complicated....and dangerous   As a guy from Bama.....I might as well go ahead and admit that once you cross the line and head toward Fort Lauderdale, Memphis, or Atlanta.....it's about the same way (bad, complicated, and dangerous).

Had Steve Kroft done something like this in 1976.....once back in the studio and reviewing the thing.....Harry Reasoner would taken him by the collar and tossed him into the parking lot.  Don Hewitt would have been kicking him while still laying on the ground.  You wasted time and resources, and this is all you got?

My humble view?  It might be time to just go ahead and pull the plug on 60 Minutes and admit.....the best they've done....is finished, and this comedy show of wannabe journalists is just about as fake....as the Amish Mafia on the Discovery Channel.  At least watching the Amish Mafia.....you tend to hope that it's completely fake, but then go back and admit that some of it might be true.