Friday, 1 February 2013

The Kid

Just something to imagine.

You are stupid enough to run off and stop a bus to demand taking a kid or two hostage.

You get into a confrontation with the bus driver and kill him.

You grab the only kid in the front seat...because he looks between six and eight.

You jerk the kid around and drag him off to your underground storm shelter.

You wait for the cops.

The cops arrive and eventually let you know that the kid is autistic   The kid needs medication.  And the kid is ADD.

You aren't that bright but figure no big deal.

After twelve hours....the kid is starting to whine.  The kid is crying half the time.  The medication is not really working.  You give the kid a Pepsi, and he starts to get all hyper.  The kid is yelling at you and screaming half the time.

Today is the start of the fifth day.

Whatever dopey logic you dreamed up on day've reached a point now of grasping that this kid was absolutely the wrong kid to come and grab on that bus.  You've been locked in this tiny room for five days, and this is starting to dawn on you about how stupid of a mess you've created.

That Antler Stuff

So, let's put this into some focus.  There's accusations this week....over the Baltimore Ravens player who used Deer Antler-Spray (or known in science as IGF-1).  Then a day later....came accusations against the Alabama football players using the stuff.

What is Deer Antler-Spray? got the antler off a deer....and ground up tissue....then you'd load it typically into a spray bottle.  Then you'd spray this under your tongue, and it's help to advance growth-hormones in you....and recover from injuries quicker.

So it's banned in the NFL and the NCAA.

Well....there's some odd things that we might ought to discuss here.

First, to be honest, there's never been a single science paper produced....even by the Moscow Academy of Sciences, or even the Science Academy of establish an absolute fact over Deer-Antler Spray.

What you have is a group of guys who advanced this idea, commercialized it for use with adults and kids, selling it under several names, but no one can say from a science point that it even works.  Sadly, they can't even devise a prove you used the stuff.

Yeah, it's banned, but you can't really cite how or why.....which is odd for the NCAA to admit in public.

Right can imagine there's at least a NFL guy investigating the whole mess.  For Alabama, there's probably five NCAA guys checking out this story....with the help of a Auburn agricultural researcher.  There's probably four hundred NCAA football players trying to buy bottles of the stuff at $200 a bottle, but you can't even prove it's legit deer antler might have come from a goat.  And there's a deer by the name of Barney.....all worried that he might get taken down just for his pretty antlers.

So, should you worry about our Bama football team?  Maybe, but if you told them to rub apple butter on their testicles apple butter at that.....they'd probably do it just to recover from a pulled muscle.

Finally, if some guy at the flea market offers you Deer might just want to pass on that.

Simply Observations

You had to expect this to happen sooner or later.  Some JetBlue flight was diverted because of an irate passenger onboard, so they landed in Denver (an unscheduled stop).  The hostile situation?  Well...JetBlue offers up this deal for permium seats (more legroom, and closer to the front).  The lady had apparently paid up for her seat.  Somewhere, probably just after take-off.....the stewardess had moved another person to the next to her, without paying.  So the lady who'd paid (probably $50-to $75)...started to get hostile, and just would not let up.  JetBlue?  They may talk big about doing the right thing....but they probably upset a bunch of folks who pay the premium upgrade price by this act of theirs.

Our Bama guy in Midland City continues on with his kidnapping....fourth day now.  I'm guessing that by Saturday....the thrill of continually staying inside the bunker will have worn off, and the guy has to be pretty tired.  Stuffy air?  Unless he got fancy with the design....there just isn't any fresh air coming stale air will be a problem shortly.

The American Patriot Missile crew that left thirty days ago to deploy into Turkey? of yesterday.....they and their missiles are still sitting at the ramp area of Incirlik, and haven't moved an inch since they pulled off the plane four weeks ago.  A disagreement?  You get the impression that the Turks are talking and talking, and the Americans are mostly just sitting there.  I would imagine that the guys are sitting around til 4PM, then putting on civilian clothing and going over to the base club to have a few beers....each and every night.  There's some point where the guys back at the Pentagon realize that they just aren't wanted in Turkey....and will bring the crew back home.  The fear of some Syrian missile attack?  Still there....but having Americans around with missiles? Well...that's a bigger problem.

This Senator Menendez character out of New Jersey?  I suspect that some discussions are underway about free trips and cash contributions to his campaign.  He just won his election, and he's bound to fight this a fair bit.  But as each day passes, it just doesn't look good.  He may beat off the underage hooker accusation....but the cash contribution deals....might be a bigger problem with real jail time.

Around twenty-five years ago....Twana Brawley was a household name for six she accused a white guy of a sexual crime.  Al Sharpton came to her defense.  Days and weeks passed, and the crime turned out to be bogus.  The court later assessed a fine against her....$190k more or less.  Well....Twana just plain disappeared. She walked away.  Someone finally tracked her a nurse working in Virginia.  She now owes $430k, more or less, with interest included.  It appears that the court will force her to start some kind of payment plan.  The guy accused of the crime?  He admits if she just says and admits she did lie, he'd let her off the hook.  So far, no comment.  I think if I were her....I'd make sure the guy is honest about this forgiving business, and just make a three-line comment in public about this screw-up, and hope this is the end of my problems.  Oh, if you wondered.....Al Sharpton was assessed a fine for his part in the whole mess....$66k, and it was paid at the a lawyer (Johnnie Cochran, yeah, that guy).