Saturday, 16 February 2013

The "Political-Jesus"

The business of America....for over two hundred years...has been business itself. If you do anything to hamper, limit, or marginalize business...from the little guy who owns a one-man muffler repair shop to a 100k employee bank...then you jeopardize the whole structure and being of the nation.

When we invited special interest groups into government meddling, then added tax “help” and tax “anchors” to tax code, and then tossed in some incompetent political folks (for both sides of the aisle)....we basically chained ourselves to the federal government being the solution to just about everything.

We’ve become a nation of “political-Jesus-believers”, that the only way to save through some miracle performed by the political-Jesus.

Only the political-Jesus can deliver or stop the Canadian pipeline.

Only the political-Jesus can put people to work.

Only the political-Jesus can save us from the aftermath of a hurricane.

Only the political-Jesus can stop all gun crimes by his mighty executive powers. 

Only the political-Jesus can make everything fair in life.

Only the political-Jesus can identify with a ethnic group and lift them up out of their mess.

Only the political-Jesus can fix the tax code, and ensure that only half the nation pays the taxes.

Only the political-Jesus can stop urban violence.

Only the political-Jesus can produce more laws that will fix what ails us.

Only the political-Jesus can fix the American school system.

Only the political-Jesus can give everyone $60k college tuition loans.

Only the political-Jesus can fix the national mortgage mess.

Only the political-Jesus can bring us a national pre-school system, feed our kids in school, or give every kid in a school a laptop.

Only the political-Jesus can wipe out health care issues.

Only the political-Jesus can bring us to 40 mpg cars.

Only the political-Jesus can bring us clean rivers and lakes.

Only the political-Jesus can bring us free wi-fi nation-wide.

Only the political-Jesus can fix our subways and interstate highways.

Only the political-Jesus can make cheap solar energy possible.

We've become so naive, that the political-Jesus is the only virtual answer.

Unfortunately, this is not like a bad movie that you can walk out of the theater after thirty minutes. Other than firing the whole crowd, or making everyone grasp the naive nature that we’ve sunk to....there’s just nothing left to do.

Our Illegals

So you get born in Mexico.  On day one....for the rest of your life, unless you do something to change are Mexican.

On that day....that you walk up to the border with Texas, and sneak across the border in the middle of the night, and make your way to your cousin's trailer in are illegally in the US, but a Mexican citizen.

You can call yourself anything you want....but there's really only two titles that fit.  You are a Mexican citizen, or you are illegally in the US.  End of the story.

Course, you might live in some imaginary world and say that you have this other title or two...."undocumented" always sounds nice.  "Uninvited" sounds nice.  "Guest worker" sounds nice too.  But in the either are a Mexican citizen or illegally in the US.

I've sat and watched a segment or two this week on the news....where illegals got all peppy in discussions that you cannot use the word illegal.  Course, they will never say in public that they are a Mexican citizen.  They tend to avoid discussing that fact.

For some reason, they are never proud to note that they are Mexicans....until after they become an American citizen, and then want to remember their heritage.  The odd thing is.....they just weren't happy about things in Mexico and left.

I'm an absolute believer in guest-worker status.  It ought to be a simple one-hour process....fill out a form....get a ID at the border, and you suddenly have a six-to-twelve month period that you can take up jobs, pay taxes, earn real wages, and then return to Mexico for at least six months before you pick up the next guest-worker status.

The social security that they'd pay?  You'd transfer it at sixty-two years old over to the Mexican government and let the guy have everything he rightly earned.

Immigration?  If you want to open up the front door...fine....but's lets recruit the best and brightest folks first....bringing in scientists and businessmen....and not roofers or cooks.  The guest-worker program would provide all the cooks and roofers that you'd ever need.

The end-result?  Right's a soap opera, and I don't think there's much of a script or end to the story.

Simply Observations

It doesn't amount to much....but out around Guam....just a few minutes before the President did his big State of the Union speech this week....the Russians had two TU-95 Bears circle the island.  The Bears....are the Russian version of the B-52.  To be honest....back in the 1970s, the Russians would fly their Bears around both coasts of the US on a regular basis.  I'm guessing that the Pentagon alerted the President like they were supposed....five minutes before the speech....and he just flipped them off because he's got other priorities. Putin, by my testing the President.  It'd be hard to really rattle the President....mostly because he's working with other priorities.  So I suspect, by next year's State of the Union address....Putin might be able to put twenty Bears and see if that does anything.  It's a game....and you ought to expect something, and when you don't see simply double the wager.

Just a humble opinion, but this Senator Ted Cruz character....a rookie surprising folks in just his first month on the job.  The media typically doesn't pay attention to rookie senators, and I suspect that they now will have quotes and video each week from Senator Ted's actions.  The old-time Democratic Senators?  Well...they really don't like Ted.  He just doesn't grasp his position in the Senate is the usual observation you see when the media asks the older Senators their opinion.

You had to expect this.  Since drug companies can't react fast enough....when you suddenly need drug X and the company can't get it pumped out the door, then fake companies make up fake drugs and do it for them.  So the FDA is finally realizing that there really is a fair amount of flu medications coming into the market that demands them.....but they are fake.  They want the pharmacy guys to be on the watch for these, and stop them.  The odds?  If you have a chance to make an additional $15k of sales this week with the fake flu stuff because the real company can't deliver their stuff to you....will you do the right thing?  I don't think so.  So prepare yourself.....when you think you ought to get the flu might be fake and not even work.

It won't make into your regular CNN or Fox News reports....but when that big sale of Heinz ketchup came up in the last week or two.....with Warren Buffet buying up $23 billion of the Heinz folks (John Kerry's wife owns the company).....some oddball guys apparently found out about the deal a day or two before, and bought up a massive amount of futures.  Their money? Hid up in a Swiss account.  The guys made $1.7 million in a matter of hours.  The SEC noticed this deal.  So they've ordered the Swiss account frozen until they can figure out who the guys are and how they made the deal.  The comic side of that if they'd merely bought $100k of options....the $100k profit wouldn't have bothered the SEC at all.  For the guys in the deal?  It'll take the SEC at least a year to take this apart and say if charges will be noted or not.  Who are the guys?  Don't know.  They might not even be American.

Finally, among all the news on this Russian meteor episode....there's Russian news reports that the Russian military actually shot the meteor down.  They won't say what missile did it, or how they tracked it, but they shot it down.  Course, if this were'd have forty Russian generals lined up today and getting medals from Putin.  I haven't noticed this yet.