Monday, 18 February 2013

The Nuts Story

It hasn't made it into the national headlines....but over the last couple of months in New York City....a number of "nuts" have pushed folks off into the subway rails.  In New York City, it's made page one news, and most everyone is hyper about the "nuts".

For years....around the urban areas of the northeast, from Philly to DC, and onto New York City....folks just looked the other way and had the attitude of letting the crazy guys just roam free.  Occasionally, the cops would pick them up....they'd be put onto some mental program where they were supposed to take meds regularly, and the joke was.....just look the other way after they got released.

Well....starting this week....the cops in New York City have a new directive, which is quietly being implemented.  Basically, they've got a list of folks who they are looking for and will be grabbing.  The apprehended "nuts"?  It appears that they will be put into some mental facilities for longer than a week or two.

This has now become a political football....where the public is concerned.  The recent "nut" who pushed a guy over into the subway area.....admitted that their bipolar condition came out in full force that day...mostly because of a lack of weed.  If they'd only smoked their daily marijuana joint....they would have been they say.

I should add one odd situation with the bipolar gal.  The doctors apparently took in for a mental exam and asked her why she pushed the guy onto the rails.  Her response was......she had this mental moment of 9-11, and this 'push' was related to the buildings falling down.  The mental health doctors?  They deemed her mentally OK, and ready for the court case.

If you ask me....the cops might want to expand their list, and start taking some mental health doctors in....for an exam as well.

The Religious Numbers

Some folks did a big polling and came to announce that Bama is not number one on the most religious state charts....Mississippi is ahead of Bama.  Bama is number two.

Course, this would bring up a fair amount of discussion.  Those statistics show that a mere fifty-six percent of the Bama public consider themselves religious.

Now, this would beg questions.  Where exactly did the survey guys go?  Some bar in Tuscaloosa?  A Wal-Mart in Athens?  Folks would like to know how the survey was done.  Some folks are likely sitting there in could any other state be more religious than Bama?

There's likely folks meeting last night at church and discussing more prayers and Bible-study get another three percent onto our numbers, and beat those Mississippi folks.  Discussions over revivals here in the spring?  More than likely.

Folks in Bama take religious activity fairly serious.  It's OK to skip Wednesday night church-meetings....mostly because you'd be better off staying at home and watching Hannity or O'Reilly on the Fox News Channel.  But Sundays are different, and you need to hang out with the right crowd.

So there are tens of thousands of Bama folks now focused on the forty-four percent of folks who say they aren't religious.  I'm guessing visits will occur shortly....bringing over some pie, skipping around various topics from NCAA football to septic tank work, and then finally getting to Jesus and your need to attend the local church.

Course, you will be all friendly at first....talking up your preference to the University of Alabama football team.  You'll admit you are a Wal-Mart shopper.  You will cite the seven successful steps to septic tank removal.  But as things slide over to deep religious start to look toward the clock and wish on some phone-call to occur to get you out of this discussion.

The sad thing is that Mississippi folks know that they are under attack and working on their own plan to recruit more for the next survey.    It's like the NCAA football can't let up a single bit....or those Bama guys will sneak right in and become number one.