Wednesday, 6 March 2013

USA Today

I sat and read through a USA Today newspaper article yesterday....then sat and pondered.

The article?  The thrust of this was that hospitals are being swamped with gun-shooting folks, and billions are being spent on their care.  It was a woeful tale.....explaining the practical necessity of ease up our medical care cost.  Mixed into it....bits and pieces of people explaining that young America has no ability to back down from a nasty situation....they have to react with gunfire.

There's a problem with journalists who write like this.  They fail to see the big picture.

These sun-shooting victims   Where are they?  Urban areas.  In the rural areas of America?  Hunting accidents mostly, with a couple of violent gun assaults.  I can go to my home county in to the emergency room staff, and they will admit that there are around fifteen-odd folks to arrive in their facility per year from gun-shoots   Most of them either are hunting episodes or guys being stupid while cleaning a gun (it's a popular excuse for stupid gun-play).  The rest?  A wife shooting the husband or some guy breaking into a home.

Since folks are all hyper about this business of too many folks utilizing hospital care for gun-shoots.....why not also include the folks who drink two six-packs of soda a day and get into serious health issues?

Or how about the guys who drink a half-bottle of Vodka each day and have health issues by age forty?

Or how about the idiots who drive their car at 80 mph....even in rainstorms?

Man, we could clean up hospitals if we'd end speeding, booze, cigarettes, pop-tarts, t-bone steaks, jealous husbands or wive, motorcycles, speedboats, go-carts, baling hay, handling of snakes during worship services, honky-tonk bars, airline flights, circus wire acts, paper-cuts  bad dogs, and stop the sale of butcher knives.

We could save billions and billons at the hospitals......maybe even shut down half of them.  If we'd only act on everything, and not just the gun stuff.

This is why I consider USA Today to be a one-star paper, and only pick it up maybe once a month.