Thursday, 18 April 2013

An Air Force Story

There was an air show planned out in Ohio this summer.  The Air Force had called off its participation....because of the sequestration, but the planner guys for this town's air show wanted to have a big four-star episode.  It's hard to figure out how you'd do a magnificent show....without the Air Force planes being there. the boys met and discussed things, and realized that a B-29 bomber would be at the show.  The B-29, for those of you who are history the plane that was used to drop nukes over Japan.

So suddenly, this nifty idea came from the planning team.  They'd have the B-29 launch, and actually come down to a decent altitude  and then the right moment over the show area....drop a bomb-like device....probably a fifty-gallon barrel of water.  Then with the sun starting to set, and the bomb impacting on the ground in front of the crowd.....this fireworks show would start up.....with a nuke-like cloud.

Now, there should have been several folks at the meeting who just immediately would say....this is real stupid.  But apparently, these were all former Air Force guys, and nothing was going to stop them (you know the tune).

So word got out, and some Japaneses folks are real upset.  And then some local folks got all upset.

So the B-29 flight is cancelled completely.  The fireworks show, gone now.  And folks have quiet down now about the whole show.

This is how screwed up things in life occur.  A couple of guys....thinking up a stupid one stopping them, and then everything goes into the toilet days later as the plan comes to light.

When Being Handsome is Illegal

Occasionally, you find these oddball stories that the news media won't really cover, and it just gets lost in a mountain of news stuff.

So here is the basic story.  Three guys, on a trip into Saudi Arabia  from Emirates (one of those little kingdoms around the edge of Saudi Arabia)....went to a Saudi festival.

Now, I can't say how Saudi festivals go....but I'm guessing there are rides, cotton candy, magic mirrors, and all the normal trappings of a county fair.

The protection of the festival goes to the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices....basically a bunch of old guys with wooden sticks and they decide what's civil or correct behavior.    For Bama folks, this is kinda like a bunch of Baptist deacons, on a caffeine surge, and walking around the county fair with walking canes to whack folks.

The Commission guys come up on the three dudes from the Emirates.  You can only imagine this scene.  Basically, the Commission guys determine that the three Emirates guys....are just too handsome to hang around the festive event.  They had fear that Saudi women would fall all over themselves, and walk across that mythical line of purity.

The Commission guys then kicked the three Emirates dudes out of the caravel.  Escorted to the front gate, and just plain kicked out.  All because of their fine looks and manly appearance.

So I looked over this, and pondered a while.  It is a sad thing....when you are too handsome to hang around a county fair or festival.  When a guy has reached this stage and life, and is told that he just can't be seen in public because he looks like a combination of Porter Wagoner, Brett Favre, Johnny Cash, and Paul really cuts down your off-duty hours.  All you can do is mow grass, tend to your fence-mending, shop at Piggly Wiggly, and discuss car transmissions with your engineer buddies.

Life can be that unfair.....too handsome to do anything but avoid public attention.  Women would toss away their discipline, deny any knowledge of NCAA football, admit they vote Republican occasionally, drink beer from the bottle, and even admit that they could do some bass fishing if necessary.  All in the interest of your fair looks.

These Commission guys must know something.  Think God that they don't operate in Bama.  As for the three Emirates guys?  My advice is not to give up.  If you got the looks of Porter Wagoner, I wouldn't step down a notch.

Just Observations

This dimwit who did the recording job on Senator McConnell's re-election strategy?'s an interesting thing.....that none of the big media guys will comment on.  This guy was inside the White a special meeting with officials connected to the President....just days before he put his audio tape out to the public.  Connections?  Well.....there just aren't that many folks who get an invitation to the White House.  He was invited, and likely felt pretty special.  If this had been a reverse situation with political hacks attending a Bush White House meeting....with Karl'd be on CNN, ABC, and the rest.  Today?  Nothing.  This is why the major news organizations amount to nothing much today.

The immigration bill coming out in the Senate in the next forty-eight hours?  It's a total of 844 pages.  Even if you started reading'd take two full days (at least forty-eight hours) to read the whole thing.  The odds of any Senator reading the entire thing?  Zero.  That's democracy at on something that you can't possibly read.

Finally, some science people have gone out and done this survey, with shocking results.  Just a taste of beer....makes you want to have more.  One taste, and the body you a desire for more.  Now I have to go back to those various Baptist ministers I heard as a the dry-county atmosphere....and think about how right they were.  Course, I can say this.....just standing near the counter of a Dunkin-Donuts establishment ...intending to get a coffee only....and seeing those beautiful delicious glazed donuts....force me into buying a couple (never one).  I think scientist ought to review the power of donuts as well.