Monday, 29 April 2013

My Neighborhood

Sometimes, you get a glimpse of how bad DC has become and just kinda trying to avoid thinking about how bad things have become.

DC, for those who aren't aware of it....has this unusual situation with its fire department.  Basically, they are at total odds with the Mayor, the fire chief, and the city council.  It's so bad.....that there hasn't been a contract for them to operate under....since 2007.

The chief cause?  Well....years and years ago....the fire department was essentially made up of a bunch of white guys.  They came the jobs....and stayed long-term.  When openings occurred, they traditionally went to another white guy.

So as the 1970s and 1980s came around....the DC political establishment went to a strong black base.  Face it.....the city has a majority population base of blacks and they vote black in every single election.

A couple of years ago.....the mayor went out and did his best to find a qualified ranking black somewhere in the nation, and brought him here to DC as the chief of the fire and rescue service.  From day one, there's a general feeling that he just isn't up to the job and is there more to lean on the hiring of more blacks for the fire department.

Last month, the fire department had a meeting, and a vote of 'no-confidence' occurred with the fire chief. It doesn't mean much....but it's one of those oddball things that will determine his next job offer and just how he can't fit into some other job.

So this week, the newest episode came up.  The mayor looked at the Boston episode, and has said that the DC fire department can't possibly react in a good manner to such an extreme emergency....if it were to happen in DC.  The logic?  Well....the boys had someone pull up the mapping of the every member of the fire department and figured out where they live.

A mere 28 percent of the fire department live in the DC area.  Sadly almost fifty percent live within the next 30 miles, and almost 30 percent live more than thirty miles away.  The hint here?  Close to eighty percent of the fire department are non-DC guys.  They live in Virginia or Maryland.  They pay taxes in those states, and are taking good jobs away from the DC crowd.

Mayor Gray is suggesting a definite weakness in they can't act or work to handle serious episodes.  The comical side of this....even if he had every single fireman show up in one hour.....he'd still have to call out to Maryland and Virginia fire resources, and within the same hour.....a thousand of their best men would be on the scene as well.  The mayor didn't mention that though.

DC is like some third-world banana republic....always working at an angle.....trying to rig things to fit into their tidy mess.

Watch That Next Step

I watched Stossel this weekend, on Fox News.  He had an episode on the coming medical changes.  Among them....the additional codes (around 100,000 new codes for doctor's to use).

So there's this one code: y92250.  This is the right code to indicate that you were walking around an art gallery, and happened to fall...injuring yourself in a minor or serious way.

A guy from Bama would examine this concept....falling at an art gallery.  He'd do some pondering.

First, from the entire state of Alabama, there just wouldn't be many guys falling down at a art gallery....mostly because we don't frequent such places much.  Tractor-pulls...maybe.  But not art galleries.

Second, from the entire state of Alabama, we'd be more likely to fall at a church, a bar-b-q stew event, a county fair, or on the steps of Wanda's trailer-home at the trailer-court.  Course, there's no codes for any of these events.

Third, you just have to wonder if there's thousands of folks falling over at art galleries and the Obama team just felt this ought to be noted in official terms.  But then you'd ask yourself.....what the heck made so many folks fall?  Slippery floors, fancy Chinese-floor-wax, lusty women catching some guys attention at the wrong moment, or perhaps some banana peels left on the floor (I saw that in a Three Stooges movie once).

Fourth, why would any idiot even admit to an injury at an art gallery?  If I had to go to a doctor and admit some stupid injury like this.....I'd say it was from the backyard, or taking a wrong step at the garden section at Wal-Mart, or maybe telling some story of chasing cows in some field.  Why would you admit you were injured in some art gallery?

So I come to this conclusion.  Some idiot on the Obama team fell many years ago while at some art gallery, and they felt (that one person out of 300 million), that it must be a common event and needs to be noted on computer records.

Course, as you gather statistics.....we might eventually come to realize that 16 people a year are injuries at public art galleries.  This would open up the expenditures book, and the federal government could give millions to fancy public art galleries, to help them fix their issues causing injury.  That's the only logical reason for this.  Would we spend $44 million a year to help prevent 16 people from future falls at art galleries?  Yeah....we are probably that stupid.

Sadly, this is the world we live in.

That Gun

It is a topic that the anti-gun crowd always jumps on and gets all hyper many semi-automatic weapons in America....too much access....too many mass shootings.  The weapon that usually gets them really peppy?  The AR-15.

I went and did some reasearch.  It is believed that around 2,446,294 AR-15s reside in America.  It's a rough number....coming from NICS statistics....based on sales and how many were exported and how many remained within the US.  The number?  Compliments of the Slate and an article from December 2012.

Roughly 2.5 million AR-15's within the US.  How many mass shootings could be attributed to the weapon over the past decade?  So far, I can only find three cases that seem to fit.  So this would mean that three owners....out of 2,446,294 owners.....did something stupid and morally wrong.

I have this thing about statistics.  You have to think about the vast nature of this.  If you had 2,446,294 owners of a Ford Mustang, and expected only three of them over a decade to have a car just couldn't happen.  There would be dozens....if not several an accident.

It's like handing fireworks over to 2,446,294 teenage boys and expecting only three of them to sustain injuries.  It just won't happen.  It'll be dozens of minimum injuries 

It's like having 2,446,294 people who buy a house, and only three of them go into bankruptcy and lose their house. just won't happen.  Hundreds, if not thousands, would normally go and lose their house.

The AR-15 is this odd weapon.  It attracts attention....for the wrong reasons.

Should we worry about the AR-15?  To be honest....there's probably a higher chance of you getting killed in a car accident with a Ford Mustang, than getting shot by a AR-15.

So the bottom line?  There's a bunch of folks that you probably don't need to worry much about....the owners of the AR-15.