Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Humble Man

A humble man can enjoy a spring rainstorm, as much as a hot July afternoon, or as much as a snowstorm in December....all that comes is humbly accepted.

A humble man enjoys the refreshment of a chilled glass of ice tea on a hot August afternoon, with a slice of lemon, and with grace....sips it in a manner to enjoy every moment.

A humble man will pause to hear the wise words of elders, thoughtful morale reminders by a local parson, listen to a owl as daylight disappears, and enjoy the sounds of thunder as a storm approaches.

A humble man will stand at a distance and admire the magnificent stance of a horse, or the curious nature of a cat on the hunt.

A humble man will not be particular about his attire, his hat, his mode of transportation, or the amount of gravity that the Earth pulls upon him.

A humble man will shed a tear to the passing of those upon this mighty Earth, tolerate words of anger, accept the best of bad choices, and enjoy a few simple musical tunes with no words attached.

A humble man will see a bowl of strawberries as a work of God, and slowly enjoy the sweet taste of each one.

A humble man gives simple thanks for arriving safely at an airport, and never utters a harsh word over the lateness, the discomfort, or the security involved.

A humble man sees grace in all things natural.

A humble man sees symmetry in every building or structure he views.

A humble man feels radiance from a simple sunflower on a hot August afternoon.

A humble man sits in awe of a fireworks display, and marvels at the fires against a darken sky.

A humble man travels to the ends of the Earth, to see that which has been created, and all that will be. A humble man knows that a path leads onto another, and there just isn't any ending to a long walk.

A humble man will not fall upon shortsighted words, or disputes of anger.  He will not stumble upon deceitful chatter, or simple gossip.

A humble man can spend an entire afternoon enjoying the comic nature of the Three Stooges, or the simple storyline of What's Up, Doc.  He could enjoy the wit of Mark Twain, or watch Gallagher smash watermelons for an hour.

A humble man sits and pauses at ease....before a fireplace on a cold winter night, with the scent of mesquite in the air.

A humble man can sit and gaze at the wonder of approaching storm clouds, and then rest on a porch to admire lightning spring across the sky.

A humble man will be accepting of life's twists and turns, and try to make the best of what there is in life.  Being humble.....isn't simple.