Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dennis "Worm" Rodman for Nobel Peace Prize?'s an odd story.

Somehow, the North Korean dude who runs best friends with Dennis "Worm" Rodman....retired NBA badboy (there's numerous descriptions for Dennis, but "Worm" is good enough).

Dennis says he's already planning a trip early in August to visit North get our American guy....Ken Bae....out of North Korean jail.  Dennis won't promise nothing....well...except maybe a signed basketball, and maybe a later trip with Charles Barkley or some other NBA guys, but there's this remote possibility that Dennis will fly out with prisoner Ken Bae.

Should we put "Worm" up for the Nobel Peace Prize?  I'd say that he's moving up on the list....I wouldn't nominate him yet.

But here's the thing.  Let's say "Worm" get Ken Bae out, and then gets some agreement in the works for dropping the nuke weapons on North Korea's side.

At this point, the US State Department has to talk to "Worm" and give him status.  He might be the integral third party to turn events into a positive trend.

One day....not this year or next....the Nobel dimwits might sip too much brandy one night, and smoke some heavy weed, and get to some point of agreeing that "Worm" is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Stranger things have giving the President the award for virtually nothing but following George Bush.

"Worm"?  Would he even go to accept the award?  I'm guessing he'd call up his North Korea buddy....ask if he'd fly in and they'd have a wild party at some metropolitan hotel....lots of French, Dutch, and Swedish women....booze....and Russian mafia guys.

Strangely, I can see this as a movie script, and "Worm" mostly playing himself.  Whatever credit the NBA failed to give "Worm"....the Nobel guys might make up for.  That's how things work.

My Neighborhood

Down at the Pentagon, we have a major Metro subway station.  There's entrances to from the north side, and one from the south.  You basically climb on one of three escalators on each side, and ride down.

Through the DC complex, there's probably over a thousand of these escalators that support the subway tunnels.  Mechanically is a tremendous pain to keep the majority working on a weekly basis.  At any given time....dozens are down for full maintenance or full replacement. at the entire side (three escalators) are down for replacement.  Time it takes?  Approximately six months.  A normal guy would start to ask questions at this point.

I walk by the site on a daily basis.  I'm guessing  that the three or four guys never arrive before eight, and are always gone by four.  If they put in six full hours a day each....they might be lucky.

But then you start to notice the rest of the picture.  Metro decided that for some odd reason....they'd need a full-time security guy at the side that still functions.  So a guy with a gun is just standing there....from 6AM to midnight.  What is he protecting?  Don't know.  More fights or robbery?  No....this is the Pentagon and we just don't tolerate that.  So he's just around pretending to extend more security to something, but we don't know what.

Then, there's the 'other' manager.  You see....down in the tunnel past the swipe point where you get to the platform, there's always a full-time manager there, from 6AM to midnight.  It's always that way.  In case some gal faints....he's supposed to call for help.  That's about the only logical reason he's been there.  And he's been there since they opened in the late 1960s.

But they decided that outside of the swipe point....they wanted another manager.  So they put up some fancy metal office deal, and there's a full-time guy standing there.....from 6AM to midnight.  In the past two months since they started the renovation project....I walk past his shack, and he just sits there.  Never any questions.....nothing.

You can figure for a six-month job.....they are paying out almost $300k for the security guy requirement, and this second station manager requirement....for nothing.

Folks get all pesty about costs with Metro and how they escalate almost yearly, but never pinpoint where the money is really going.  Obviously, there's something wrong.

Simply Observations

The Boston bomber guy was finally buried, and the location is admitted now.  It's a Muslim cemetery about twenty-odd miles north of Richmond.  Yeah, it is a pretty rural environment....if you've ever driven through the local area....nothing much of an modern sort exists in that area.  The locals seem a bit peppy....not wanting the noted guy there.  It appears that no one is going to challenge the fact that he's already six feet under.  I suspect there's no real gravestone, and they will attempt to just say he's somewhere buried out there.

The contingency board has met on the issue of Sandy Hook school (the mass shooting site), and basically decided to tear the whole school down, and then rebuild, on the same site.  It's a fairly decent building, and you can figure the amount to tear it down will be in the one-million dollar range.  Rebuilding?  Probably in the two-to-three million range.  I could understand tearing down the two or three rooms affected....but the whole school?  Course, they must be swimming with tons of money to spend it like this.

Some folks in Bama took up the topic of missing people, and noted that 133 folks from Bama, over the past thirty years.....have disappeared.  Never seen again.  Some were noted last sitting on their mama's couch in the trailer as last seen.  One gal was seen at her office, and noted missing later....but her car was still in the business parking lot.  Course, after you preview the site and look at some of these....they are teenage girls who were noted in the company of a boyfriend, and it's likely that they just left town on their own.  One of the guys is David Burney....missing from around Bankhead National Forest....but noted as a drug-user (missing teeth, so he's likely into meth)....and he probably just got doped up and walked off into the middle of nowhere.

The networks are busy cancelling the bad shows from this year.  30-Rock with Brian Williams got tossed.  I thought it was one of the best one-star news shows on TV....wannabe journalism with just a big New York City atmosphere.  Smash got dropped....I had watched three minutes of the first show, and just kinda thought it was a waste at that point.  Go On was tossed.....I actually liked the first episode, but by the third just wasn't moving in any direction.  Nashville survived, even though it's pretty much just a country and western soap opera.

Finally, that John McCain is doing some odd stuff.  He's actually got enough support and it appears it'll pass....forcing cable TV companies to dump the package business, and just sell you the channels you want.  What this does?  From the one-hundred channel package I currently be honest....I'd only want twelve channels.  My cable bill could down to around twenty bucks again....rather than this silly $75.  No more Oprah TV.  No more Lifetime.  No more MSNBC.  Killing off forty channels by 2016?  Yeah....I imagine that forty channels will up and disappear.  Maybe that's a good thing.