Monday, 27 May 2013

Brilliance Doomed

This is a story that you will have to sit and pause over at the end, and ponder yourself.

Some smart guys sat around and had this notion....what if we aren't getting smarter, but dumber? they started up this study.  There's three professor-types who were involved, and from different countries.  There's Michael Woodley of Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium.   There's Jan te Nijenhuis of the University of Amsterdam.  Finally, there's Raegan Murphy of the University College Cork, naturally....Ireland.

The results of this study included data from 1889 to 2004....roughly a hundred years.

The conclusion?  The average IQ has dropped fourteen points in one hundred years.

The cause?  Well....they came to some curious conclusion....women of high intelligence...just weren't having as many kids, and so the dimwitted gals (they had a nicer word for that) were overcoming statistics, and pumping out stupid kids.

Our population, was besieged by stupid kids, more than smart kids.  Kids grow up.  So by their estimate, we've got a whole bunch of foolish adults around, ruinning everything, and screwing up culture, society, business, government, and lives.

It's an interesting conclusion.  They might be right.  They might be wrong.

Did they test the right folks?  Did they use the right kind of test?  Did they use too many dimwits in their analysis?  Did they even use anybody from the state of Missouri?  Too many math questions?  Too few logic questions?  You just don't know.

So by my estimate....what we need to find a bunch of single engineer gals, and force them to marry up with a bunch of engineer guys, and have five or six kids.  That would be the logic conclusion that a bunch of professors ought to come to.  But in this case, they can't say that in public.

As I suggested in the very beginning, this is a story that will require you to sit, pause and think.  There's some pondering required.  Maybe for the sake of civilization....we need to do something.  Otherwise, in three generations....we might have an entire network made up of just Baywatch, Knight Rider, the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the Jerry Springer Show.  Heck, we might even be stupid enough to allow Coke to re-market New Coke for a second attempt.

In The Neighborhood

At some point this in Arlington....there was an accident that would draw onlookers and provoke curiosity.

You've probably seen these sewage trucks.....the ones with a 1000-gallon tank on the back, which come in and empty out waste tanks?

Well....some guy was driving one down through the streets of Arlington....when this car with five folks in it....came up behind and slammed into the rear of the sewage truck.  Let's just say there was a fair amount  of speed involved, and there's not much left of the front end of this car, and it really crimped the rear of the sewage truck.

So, as in such cases.....the tank cracked, and started spilling.  More than a gallon a minute, if you were wondering.

Yeah, the car was mashed up enough, that two guys had to be cut out....but this took at least twenty to thirty minutes for the fire department to get there and determine the best method of hauling them safely out of the car.

Yeah, you can imagine Joe and Uncle Lester, in the front seat....pretty tied down, and raw sewage smells finding itself into the car.  The journalists didn't say much.....but if it was me....I'd be heaving and puking up a storm.  I'd be begging for that jaws-of-life gadget to cut me free.

Locals came out and observed from a distance.  You don't see a sewage truck leaking out much in life.

Most all of the sewage truck seeped out, and ended up in a local stream.  Locals are a bit disturbed still over the smell.  Things aren't improving that quickly.  It might take a while.  And for us in the local's supposed to be up in the high-80's for temperature readings.  Hot sewage is a bit worse, than cool sewage, on the smell scale.

Slanted, A Bit

As Al Gore departed Current TV, the Al Jazeera crew moved up and paid Mr Gore a fair amount of money.  Reportedly, $500 million.

At the time, several months ago....the Al Jazeera crew said that they had this strategy for pumping up viewership.  Sixty percent of the news would be US-created (meaning mostly for US consumers), and and forty percent would come out of Qatar (packaged for their big audience, who we will just not mention at this point in time).

Well....days, weeks, and months have passed.

The Al Jazeera crew now admit, after a bit of research, that they don't have confidence in strategy one.  They've moved to strategy hundred percent US news.....packaged at the source.

So you'd sit there and ponder over this matter.  Half-a billion spent on something and no one can be very confident that it'll ever pay off.

Why flip to strategy two?  I would suspect that a couple of media guys went out into the heartland and asked a thousand folks if they cared much about what kind of fish Koreans ate, or who ran the Ukraine, or if there was any fresh joke material out of Norway.  Eventually, they came to discover that Americans don't watch international news much, and frankly....don't care if one hostile tribe group fights another hostile tribe group on some island in the Philippines.

What Al Jazeera will admit is that as folks leave CNN....they've gotten hired over at the converted Current TV.  Course, this would trigger some folks to ask if you got let go by CNN....where exactly could you go these days and hope to make the same pay scale?  After a while, you start to feel sorry for this new crew at Current TV.  They don't want to admit defeat and go back to Channel 9 in Boise or Channel 48 in Huntsville.  It's a sorry life decision....success at forty, and let go by forty-eight.  Maybe Al's old channel is not such a bad place to hang around for eight years and hope to retire early and just teach at some community college in Portland.

So in the months to you flip across the news might notice Current TV being there.  You've got Headline News, MSNBC, CNN, the Bloomberg Channel, and the Business Channel.....along with Fox News.   Then you start to notice some slant to the news, and maybe after a couple of start to wonder if these Saudi guys might have some slant to telling a story.  Then you remember that Al Gore had the channel to start with.  At that point, you give up.  You flip the channel back to weather channel and get good safe news with no slant.