Sunday, 2 June 2013

Simply Observations

Over the past week....I've come to admire the White House Press Secretary....Jay Carney.  Jay, by all a liar.   But, at least Jay is doing a bang-up four-star job as a liar. The IRS guys need someone like Jay....all of their bosses are mostly two-star liars. I admire Jay in some ways. He’s invented sixty different ways of lying through a story and looking pretty good. He never sweats, which would really ID him as a liar. And, he can pour one single fact into an entire lie....which makes you scratch your head because that fact was true, but the rest of the story is bogus. That takes creativity.

If you haven't noticed....the Russians have kinda dumped some military assets into Syria, and just plain inviting the US military to tangle with them.  These fighters from Russia arriving in Syria?  These aircraft are top of the'd take several years to train Syrians to fly them.  So my humble guess is that the Russians found around fifteen Russian fighter pilots and offered up a bonus for one year in Syria.  The jest of this....inviting the US Navy or Air Force to tangle with them....and maybe get shot down.  Just one US aircraft going down....would make the Putin probably smile for a week, and he'd call President Obama to ask if he was missing any planes.  Yeah, it's a mess waiting for the US to fall into it.

It won't be mentioned much in the open press, but the Southern Baptist guys are having a national meeting next week in Houston.  They will stand, announcing their intentions of dropping sponsorship of the Boy Scouts.  Most folks don't realize it.....but the Southern Baptist church organization has sponsored around four thousand Scout units, and 100,000 Scouts.  With the change on gay activity, the church will determine it's function done.  It'll be a shocker for the Scouts, and the media will hype up how terrible it is for the Baptists to do this to the poor Scouts.  My humble guess is that a couple of mega churches will create a replacement organization ("Sons of Jacob", "Brothers of Moses", "Daniel's Lions" are nifty names), and proceed ahead.

For years and years, there was this ancient map that experts had proclaimed as evidence that the Vikings had made it to America, and the map had come to Columbus at some point.  Since the 1950s....the map was always considered absolutely true in nature.  This past week....enough evidence has come out, and what they can say is that the paper is genuine in nature, but the map drawn on it....came hundreds of years later.  This puts a bunch of Viking enthusiasts back a notch or two, and the Columbus guys can still smile claiming a special status in life.  And now?  The search is on for another map somewhere.

Finally, Two and a Half Men.....which I came to admire for the first eight seasons....has made a decision to dump the 'half', and bring in some young gal as the daughter of Charley.  Angus T. Jones?  Gone, and I don't think he even cares.  The last season?  Yeah, this probably will slide a bit further down, and it'll be dropped in 2014.  It's funny....there are two versions of the show....the 'with Charley', and the 'without Charley'.  The second one was more or less a successful failure.