Friday, 7 June 2013

The Trouble with Blanks

I've tried to make sense of this.....for most of the day....and it still bothers me (in a logical way).

Deep in this entire sequestration business, it all came out that the Homeland Security guys have a vast contract with bullet makers....for hundreds of millions.  This contract business has driven out all business for regular gun owners, with the massive amount of bullets that Homeland Security desires.  But hidden deep into this one requirement.  25,000 rounds of blanks.

That's a lot of blanks.

The way they will use them?  No one explains that.

Maybe in hostage training situations?  Maybe for video-production situations?  Maybe for the guards at the Homeland Security facility in DC?

Well, you just don't know.

I imagine there's a chief of some department, in charge of blanks.  One guy.  It's probably called the "Blanks Shop".  He probably sips coffee all day....talking up blank this and blank that.  Some guy will call from an Homeland Security office in Texas, and by lunch....a shipment of 300 blanks get shipped off to this guy.

Maybe there's some logic to this, but you just wonder who signed off on such a massive purchase.