Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just Some Advice

Sometimes, I hand out advice.

If you intend to go off to college, and want to borrow around $75k to achieve your better plan on working two jobs upon graduation for the first ten years, and forget about putting any money into a 401k until you turn 45 years old.

If you live down along the Gulf coast....within two miles of the need to ask yourself if losing your home after a hurricane is worth living that close to the coast.

If you like to drink excessively once or twice a year and drive home....could you afford to pay out $15k in legal costs and court fines if the cops pull over?  If you can't afford the $15k.....don't drink and drive.

If you live in a neighborhood where ten percent of the houses are empty because folks went might want to ask if folks have a spending/saving problem.

If your doctor is hinting pretty strongly that he will limit Medicare patients he handles within the next year and you are around might ought to ask some serious questions about the stability of Medicare and how your health will be taken care of when you get up to sixty-five.

If folks around live and breathe NCAA football from early September to late might want to be careful about which you attach yourself to.

If gas gets up to five bucks a gallon....what's the odds of GM, Chrysler or Ford selling big-engine vehicles?  The value of your 18-mpg Ford pick-up in such a dramatic moment?  Just something you might want to think about.

Finally....if some idiot shows up in front of you at the mall or some gas station and asks if your life is better or worse than it was four years might want to sit and ask yourself if it's even better or worse than twenty years ago or even forty years ago.  The answer might shock most folks upon reflection.  Some folks were happier in 1987, than they are today, and that might confuse the political poll dimwits greatly.

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