Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Carfentanil Story

This week, I read up on a piece about a new drug, which had a fair number of people dead after using it.  The mixture?  You basically take an elephant sedative (you know....the type that a vet would use on an elephant) and you blend it into heroin.

Carfentanil was already something that was one of the strongest opioids in the world.

So when this hits your blood kinda just lay there, and the heroin then settles in and there's not much happening except some false sense of reality.

Ten thousand more times more powerful than morphine?  Well....yeah.....that's the story from the medical side of the house.

The thing I could see out of this is that some idiots will be experimental and take Carfentanil with meth, cocaine, or a dozen other possibilities....maybe even LSD.

Who came up with this idea of blending an elephant sedative with Heroin?  That's a question that no one seems to ask.  It had to be some lab deal deal where they were just fooling around one day and shot some Carfentanil into an elephant with the Heroin-mixture.  Probably freaked out "Jumbo", and encouraged the lab idiots to go onto the next step of injecting themselves.

This kind of behavior just makes one scratch their head.  We are living in a period of time where you can just dream up some kind of 'high' and toss several crazy things into one single pot, and then you wake up four days later from daze and realize that you've been on an extended high for more than 72 hours and completely dehydrated to the point where your life is in danger.  Then you get crazy enough to repeat this again and again.

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