Saturday, 19 May 2018

Santa Fe High School Shooter

In roughly 24 hours, there's four odd things that you notice about this shooting in Texas.

1.  No assault rifles or semi-automatic rifles.  Just a shotgun, and a 38-caliber pistol.  Note, yeah....he was 17 and not legally old enough.....the weapons all belonged to the father. 

2.  Various 'signals' openly talked about in the media.  Yeah, folks suggest that for several months....he gave 'signals'.

3.  Bullied kid syndrome.  At least one associate of this shooter, openly talks about being bullied by coaches and other students.

4.  Big-time gamer.  No one says the hours per week, but I would take a guess more than thirty hours a week or more.

Drugs? Prescription routine?  Not mentioned yet.  I anticipate that we will find that he was on some type of antidepressant or mode-enhancement drug.....all legal of course.

Will this be brought up by the anti-assault weapon crowd?  No.  They won't use much of this because he didn't use the weapon they want to 'shut-down'. 

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