Tuesday, 22 May 2018


My brother brought this item up today.....some Democratic strategist has been given the new top project to cover the national Democratic Party.  The idea?  To drain the swamp (throw out worthless political figures).

How this works?  Well....they say there was NO swamp prior to 2016, and that President Trump has become the 'swamp'.

Yeah, it's hard to say how they got this idea, and it probably did take several cases of cheap booze to format this strategy.

For a guy from Alabama....it'd mean that not only is Trump intending to drain the swamp.....but the Democrats also will be draining the swamp, and if all parties are successful.....well, there won't be any swamp.

Naturally, there's some disbelief in how this double-swamp-draining would work.

Could the Republicans themselves come out and confess that they have an agenda to drain the swamp....in effect....triple-draining the swamp?  Well....yes.

Could CNN come out and confess that they work to drain the swamp?  Could the Washington Post come out and confess that they'd like to drain the swamp?  Is there any limit to this?  No.

I think even my brother could confess that he'd like to drain the swamp as well....but then start to chat up on some special Auburn agricultural college method to draining swamps.

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Anonymous said...

From the brother (me): Sadly, Auburn didn't teach us swamp draining (only cow tipping, being cow-tech and all). If our Granddaddy Van were involved in a good swamp draining, he'd have the dynamite he signed for to blow stumps out of the ground (and the plunger that was still in the old shed when we were kids -- just the plunger, no dynamite, and Pop said it'd be a good way to catch fish, with no details on that). Granddaddy's draining would take a good dip of Dental white label brand snuff in his mouth, and a cheap peach brandy buzz going on (but then any task took those). How the swamp got drained might be hard to recall completely. Similar to how we used to blow fire out of groundhog dens with gasoline and a hose pipe (and a match). Good life skills... not useful for this kind of swamp, tho. Just reminiscing...