Tuesday, 19 February 2019

A Bernie, Trump and Schultz Election?

Let's suggest that Hillary doesn't 'arrive' to run, and this ends up as a simple socialist versus capitalist versus Starbucks kingpin.  The likely outcome:

1.  Bernie and his team can crush most of the normal Democratic voters and their non-socialist candidates.  Without Hillary....Bernie ought to clear through the lesser-known crowd easily.

2.  Schultz doesn't need to match the money count for Trump or Bernie....he just needs to use social media in a smart way, and win toward roughly 20 of the fifty states (my humble opinion).  His strategy is to take just enough of the Electoral College to ensure a second-place vote (after Trump).  In this strategy.....Bernie needs to take eight to ten states.  The election goes to the House because there is no Electoral College winner, and the top two candidates would then advance for a House situation.  If you have a choice of Trump or Schultz......House-wise, I think 25 states can be procured with the state-by-state 'count', for Schultz.

3.  For Schumer and Pelosi, I doubt if either want to deal with Bernie, as President....so their 'hope' is based on Schultz winning in the end.

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