Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Opioid Crisis in Numbers

Back in January, I noted that the suggested number of folks dying DAILY from Opioids....was nearing 175.   USA Today went to a number of one-million Americans who would die in 2020, if the trend continues on.  If you use the current trend line....63,000 per year and trend it to 1,000, means that 2,739 folks need to die daily to reach this level.  The odds of this?  I have my doubts that it'll happen.

The other scenario which falls into this is the magic shot for overdoses.  I sat last month looking at a report, and the cost of the shot....$4,500 for one syringe of Nalonax. 

If you go and figure up a weekly requirement of 350,000 adds up to 1.5-billion weekly.  Can the medical system really afford this for 'losers'?  My guess is by the end of 2018.....several states will have a rule in effect of just one single Nalonax in your life.....the second time, they just let you go.

I sat watching a news piece this morning.....some town of 10,000 in Ohio.  The cop was giving the reporter a ride.  In an average day.....he was reacting to a minimum of five overdoses.  It was eating up his legit time for crime.  He threw a ballpark number out there....figuring that 500 adults and 50 teens in the community were Opioid users.  The users were mostly focused on where to get their next 'hit', and how they were going to rob some house, or break into some get enough to pay for the hit.....then repeat that formula for the next day, and the next, and the next.

A zombie-like future?  How would you live in some town of 10,000 where 10-percent of people were looking at your car and house daily for something to steal?

That's the thing that bothers me about the million deaths a year that the USA Today article talks about.  You'd have to bring Opioids into virtually every single community and put fear into the entire nation about their neighbors.  The term 'walking dead'?  It would readily fit for the crowd.

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