Thursday, 2 August 2018

Humble Opinion

Ten news events, and just my observations:

1.  On this missing Iowa college student, Mollie Tibbetts.  Cops say she finished her run....went back to the house, and did homework.  Between that point and the next morning.....she disappeared.  No blood in the scuffle damage....nothing.  Whoever came to the house, was someone she knew. Or....she never really came back to the house, and the homework business is all faked up.

2.  Senator Feinstein woke up a couple of years ago in the middle of a FBI face-to-face learn one of her hired folks was probably working as a amateur-spy for China.  My question many other Senators have been greeted by the FBI and told the same type of story?

3.  This Medicare for all deal?  Oddly enough, back in the early 1970s, in the midst of the Watergate episode.....President Nixon was proposing the same idea.

4.  If Mueller never reaches the impeachment stage?  Could he stretch this into 2024 and beyond?

5.  Tommy Robinson was released by the Brit judge.  What the judge indicated....this judicial episode from two months ago....was handled in a behavioral way that you'd expect out of a 12-year-old kid.  Right in the Brit legal system is at an all-time low.

6.  After a fair amount of reading over these 3D manufactured guns....I would suggest that if you were looking for a one-shot only weapon....this would be it.  After you fired that one single round from the weapon, I'd toss it into the dumpster and not trust the weapon to function correctly for the second shot.

7.  With all this talk of illegals being registered to vote....eventually some idiots will dream up a round-trip vacation from France or Italy or San Francisco, to include a one-stop session where they register to vote (while there as tourists).  Pictures will be taken and the tourists will be thrilled to be part of the American voting experience.

8.  It's becoming obvious that more people know Marvel hero characters, than American politicians.

9.  A fair number of 20-year old American kids have awaken in the past two years, and asking who this Hitler guy is.

10. I kinda noticed this morning.....the North Korean main newspaper....Rodong Sinmun....spoke up and told North Koreans.....not to be faked-out by other cultures or ways of life, insisting instead that the Kim lifestyle was giving them the “best in the world.”  The regular North Korean guy has to be sitting there....discussing matters with the wife, and, if it's that great here....imagine how bad it is in Tampa, or Louisiana.....they must have it really bad. 

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